Apparently we have another Settler's fan in the house

{My fault entirely. Instead of putting the game away in the hallway game closet, I set it on the floor in FRONT of the closet. (Sometimes I'm afraid to open the door lest a game or puzzle might topple out.) Clearly if you leave it on the floor, the same mishap might occur.}

{See that precious little foot in the bottom left-hand corner? So cute. She saw mama and decided to move on to other ventures, like trying to grab the camera out of my hand.}


  1. We have six Settlers lovers here, too! Next time you're in the Rockies, come play it with us!

  2. Can be so frusterating trying to catch the cuteness because they stop to come chew on the camera.

  3. I knew I loved you! We're Settlers fans too. Any other European games you like? Our favorites are Ticket to Ride, TransEuropa, Diamant...

  4. I hope you got some other precious kiddies to pick up the game for you! At this stage in my pregnancies, I could barely get down to the floor, let alone get up!


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