Things I want to remember about this pregnancy

We found out we were pregnant on our anniversary getaway- in Canada.

The pregnancy test I took was confusing: the results it gave us were not pictured on the box or pamphlet: (super dark first line, nonexistent second line).

The news of this pregnancy was a direct answer to prayer. And a miracle. (Like all of our children have been.)

I felt stunned for the first several weeks (months?) Just a happy wonderment of, "Really?"

During that first trimester I went to sleep really early. Like 8pm early.

I've also wondered aloud at times to God, "What were You thinking?" (Especially due to challenges with our child-with-special-needs, and my being already so taxed with that every day, and then Adelia... so little; a baby herself.) But I trust that He knows *exactly* what He's doing. He does all things well.

People audibly gasp (or say stupid things) when they discover this is our fifth child.

We love it that this is our fifth child.

I was sick the first trimester. No throwing up (thank you, Lord!), but I didn't eat much, lost weight, and nothing sounded good. [Even ice cream, which is saying an awful lot.]

I've craved apples nearly every day of this pregnancy. I must have apples in the house. Gala apples.

I've also craved slushy, icy drinks. (Those Arctic Rushes at DQ? The old "Mr. Misty"? Those. And virgin margaritas. Lemonade blended with ice. Anything with blended ice.) During the summer I had several snow cones.

I've also had heartburn or acid reflux during this pregnancy. Never had that before. Taking TUMS every other day or so... eating smaller portions, gaining less weight. And feeling slightly crabby that I haven't gotten to take advantage of the "Eat whatever you want and as much as you want!!! You're eating for two!" mantra that I've so happily embraced during my previous two pregnancies.

I think it's a boy.

Mark thinks it's a girl. (Mark is usually right.)

It was really hard for us to settle on a girls' name this pregnancy. We had decided on one, and then around month 7 we both decided we didn't want that name, so began the search all over again.

Ella officially chose our girls' name.

It was much harder choosing names this pregnancy because all of our kids had an opinion, too.

I feel old this pregnancy.

And uncomfortable- in the evenings, especially. I can't sit comfortably, I feel like I'm constantly short of breath, my back aches... etc. [I don't remember these things in my other pregnancies.]

I feel complain-y in the evenings. Mark assures me that I'm not, but I feel grumbly about my discomfort. And then I immediately feel guilty because I am truly SO thankful.

My heart continues to ache for those who want so much to be pregnant and are not.. yet.

The time has gone by quickly. (Must be the four other little ones running around the house!)

I have been tired throughout this pregnancy. Every trimester.

Adelia has loved bouncing on my stomach.

Isaac, when saying "goodnight" or talking to baby, usually speaks to my boob. Which makes me laugh every single time.

Ella tells me I'm cute a lot. Which I love.

I love buying-- and wearing-- maternity clothes. And I can't remember what clothes I used to wear before switching to these ones.

I have worn the SAME pair of jeans nearly every day of this pregnancy. I have other maternity pants, but... this particular pair of jeans was so comfy that they were always my first choice. It's all about comfort for me.

So far --39 weeks-- no new stretch marks!

My belly button has never poked out before.

Mark is a wonderfully indulgent husband: late-night trips to the grocery store, back rubs, foot rubs, happy to let me get an entirely new wardrobe of clothes at Motherhood Maternity, wonderfully attentive and supportive.

I'm genuinely excited about delivery. Bring it on.

I'm so glad we haven't found out the gender. I so look forward to that surprise in the delivery room!

My wedding ring still fits.

This baby is REALLY active. REALLY. Mark says he can see it moving around more than he was able to with our other two.


  1. Love hearing your thoughts and happenings while pregnant. I remember feeling old with Eli too...I'm ever creeping closer to 40.
    For what it's worth, Eli was the most active baby for me too but he is the most laid back little person. He had me a little scared with how hard he kicked and moved and how often.
    I find myself checking everyday waiting to hear news of this little persons arrival....even though you tend to go over due :o)
    So excited for you...and praying for you.

  2. Stacy, I love hearing about all the memories you are gathering with the little one already. How exciting.

    And thank you for praying for those of unable to conceive. I am always so joyful for other mommies, but it also makes me meloncholy.

    I am very much looking forward to hearing "if it is a boy or a girl" and what name you have chosen. Very exciting days ahead. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Maybe all the activity will make the little one arrive not too late this time. What a great list of memories, I enjoyed reading them all.

  4. Loved this post Stacy. So precious.


  5. Stac!
    This is so fun!! I can't wait to hear about this precious little person God is growing in you!! I'm anxiously awaiting his/her arrival just like you!

  6. Thanks for the goosebumps!!! I praise the Lord for the one in your womb and the joy you have in him/her already! Thanks for sharing this post, Stacy!!!!

  7. This is my favorite one...
    "I'm genuinely excited about delivery. Bring it on." Go get 'em!

  8. I look forward to having number two...however, we have been battling secondary infertility for eight years. (Don't fret - I LOVE hearing about others' pregnancies! :o) I am just starting to request prayer from friends and family, quite honestly it just hasn't felt like the right time yet. I would love it if you could also lift us up for baby #2. Eight years is a long time to wait and #1 will be 9 next month! He is SO tired of waiting! Thank you in advance and I can't wait to see pics soon of your #5 because Heaven knows he or she will be JUST as gorgeous as the other four!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  9. Awww...what wonderful things to remember. :)

    I always want icy drinks when I'm pregnant too. AND, I also love that this is your fifth child.

    So excited for you Stacy!

  10. I rejoice with you, Stacy. Bless you and all the little ones God has entrusted to your care... in his love and mercy for them and for you.

  11. So happy for you! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Stacy, it's great you wrote these thoughts down to remember them. You will forget a lot of them!!

    I relate to a lot of them.

    I think you are feeling more tired, heartburn, more uncomfortable, etc. because it is your third pregnancy. I found all the things you are saying to be true with my third pregnancy. This time around I am just *expecting* to never get that "burst of energy" and to have heartburn. So it makes it easier, I guess. I have found a lot of people share similar complaints in their third pregnancy.
    Anyway-- you are in the last stretch!! yay!! I can't wait to hear the news!!

  13. Aw, what a precious post!! I am excited with you!!!

  14. I just wanted to say Hi. I am due with my 5th baby on the 26th of this month. Our fourth just turned one on the 15th. We have so many things in common! Hope all is going well for you. Are you usually late with your babies? On time?

  15. Oh, how I loved this post and the glimpse into your life. I am so incredibly excited for you. Can't wait to hear the name Ella chose for a girl. :) Love you!!

  16. Stacy,
    I am so thrilled for you...being so close to the arrival of your next little one. And I think it's awesome that you're having five!! God's wonderful surprise blessings to you! You are Mark are such loving, consistent, and godly parents...praise the Lord that you get to be stewards of His precious gifts.
    Rejoicing with you all,
    Lisa Rollins

  17. You wouldn't believe how my heart races every time I pop in here! I'm always wondering if I'm going to see that baby's brand-new face.

    You're so lovely, Stacy, inside and out- thank you for sharing this journey with us! I'm so thankful for this time.

    I want you to know that you and your family are in our prayer basket and are being prayed over daily. Can't wait. Can't wait!


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