Due date. And an update.

I know some of you are faithfully checking in to see if I've had this baby yet, so let's go ahead and get that news out of the way first.

I haven't.

Today is my due date, though, so I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I'm only dilated to a "1" (that's usual for me at 40 wks) and nothing is happening. [I mean, other than the fact that this little sweetheart just really likes his or her home God created for this season and is perfectly happy to stay put. And I love that.]

We scheduled an induction for Friday, February 27th-- unless this baby decides to come out sooner than that, and if the childbirth rooms aren't full that particular day.

I'll keep you posted on any further developments.


Oh! ...Just a reminder to those of you who have not yet entered the baby contest...

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  1. Stacy;

    Thanks for the update...I AM waiting, eagerly.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. See? You could stull have HER on my birthday! (It's this Saturday.)

    You must TOTALLY love being pregnant. My first son is the only one who made it past the due date, and I was SO ready for him to be born! You sound quite content.

  3. Praying for you friend! And so, so happy that God has blessed you in this way once again. Looking forward to hearing the news! Love, Rebeca

  4. alittleilife,
    I have loved being pregnant. That's not to say that I wouldn't love this baby to come out (BE out) more (~smile~).
    I've been so late before that I was able to mentally prepare myself this time. So my spirits are good!
    I would also love to have the experience of going into labor on my own (no induction needed), so I want to give baby as much opportunity as possible for that to happen! :)

  5. Oh I CAN'T wait! I love hearing about a new little human being born and what they were named and WHY...and how the labor went. It's all so monumental, since it only happens to that little person once. :)

  6. I remember the anticipation
    with my first three babies....is today the day?

    Will pray for you to start labor by yourself. I am kinda voting for the 25th because then I could win :o)!

  7. I'm so glad you're updating us!! I can't wait to hear your news ... :-)


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