Ella's reading list

This is Ella's new favorite job. Not the reading, but reading while holding her sweet baby sister.

Right now she's reading the Millie books by Martha Finley. She's read the first four books of the series. Our favorite part about this is that Millie reads her Bible, which makes Ella want to read her Bible.

For those of you who, like me, are always looking for recommendations of good books your daughters can read on their own, here is a list of the books Ella has read over the past couple of months:

Millie's Unsettled Season, Book 1
Millie's Courageous Days, Book 2
Millie's Remarkable Journey, Book 3
Millie's Faithful Heart, Book 4
Little House in Brookfield
Little Town at the Crossroads
Little Clearing in the Woods
Little House on the Rocky Ridge
The Story of Florence Nightingale
Brighty of the Grand Canyon
Go Free or Die: A Story about Harriet Tubman

Ella has been doing so much reading I began asking her to write a "book report" on each book she's finished. Here's one such report:

It reads:

HaRRieT Was a sLaVe
sLaVes to FReeDoM anD NeveR LosT 1
SHe WaNTeD To Be FRee
aND ON a DaY seH DiD GeT FRee

Okay. I can't resist. Here's one more: [Click on it for a larger view]

I can't decide if my favorite part is that she circled the "Flo" part of Florence and wrote "for short" above it, or if it's the fact that at the bottom of this book report, she signed it "ella AGe 7" and then wrote: "MY sisTerRs 1". [Because it totally matters that Adelia is a year old for the sake of this particular book report.] Ah... my Ella-girl? She's so cute I can barely stand it.

And I *love* having such things tucked away in her binder.


  1. Love every part of this - reading, holding her little sister, wanting to read her Bible, and her sweet report!

    And, THANK YOU for the recommendations!

  2. Holding Audra's hand while holding Audra while reading...sooooo precious.

  3. that's an amazing reading list! I love that you've helped guide her towards good solid books. Fluff is great for tempting a frightened reader to drink...but it's not FILLING. :)

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I found your blog through Elise at a Path Made Straight and I just wanted to stop and tell you how much I've been enjoying your posts.

    The pictures you shared are so precious and I so appreciate the book suggestions. My little girls are still a little young but I can start searching for the books now. :)


  5. Ella! I am so proud of you. You did such a great job on these reports and you are such a good helper to your momma. Also, Audra and Adelia are so blessed to have such a terrific big sister in you!

    Love you!

  6. Hi Stacy :) Thanks for the book recs -Miss M and I hadn't heard about Mille, so we'll look her up.

    Pls tell Ella that I enjoyed her reports & illustrations :) Love, Q

  7. Good. Gravy. Sitting there holding Audra while she reads? What could be cuter?!

    Love the book reports. :)

  8. What a fabulous, heart-warming post!!! Well done! Do you have any of the Betsy Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace? I think Ella would really enjoy them.

  9. So very precious Stacy.

    Always love your book recommendations. Just finishing Heidi today with the girls.

    Blessings to you!

  10. How totally sweet. Love the book reports...those are REAL treasures. You will so enjoy pulling them out over the years.

    What a sweet patient mama Ella is becoming...just like you Stacy!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  11. Gotta love those big sisters! Journey loved holding Eli while reading...now she reads to him.

    Love seeing Ella's book reports. I love this stage of writing and expression.

  12. Oh, my heart! The way Ella is holding baby sister's hand while she reads... that is just too precious.
    And the book reports are fantastic!

  13. What a sweet post...the love of sisters can't be beat! Very precious

  14. Love the pictures of your daughters...too precious for words! And it looks like you have a very advanced reader on your hands...=)



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