Photos of Audra

Interrupting this very important series to direct you to a very important link.

My friend Renee took some beautiful pictures of our little Audra!
Renee did a *great* job, too- with a very fussy Audra that afternoon. It is such a treat for me to have such great close-ups of our sweet girl. Go check them out!!! [And thank you, Renee!]

Then you can come back and read Part 3 of Audra's birth story, which I posted earlier this morning.


  1. your baby is beautiful :) i love the pictures. hope all is going well with your family :)

  2. They are gorgeous, Stacy! That little mouth is sooo sweet :) Love, Q

  3. Oh Stacy-- she is too precious for words. Keep the pictures coming! :-)

    I've been enjoying your birth story too, and want you to know that you're on my heart and in my prayers as you adjust to being a mama of five.

    Lots of love,

  4. Beautiful baby and great photos!

    I have been reading your blog and hers for awhile now...I didn't know you two knew each other! How cool.


  5. Those are so great! How fun to have them. I see a lot of Isaac. Who do you see?

  6. I just showed the pictures of Audra to the family and they all see Ella and only Ella a whole lot they say. Aidan wanted me to tell you.

    :) What a beautiful girl.

  7. How beautiful she is and those lips--so smushy and full.


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