Friends and photos

We've been blessed this week by a visit with these two:

That's my friend Michelle and her daughter Erica. (We met Michelle during our adoption of Isaias. They also adopted from Guatemala, and we traveled to meet our boys at the same time.)

Here's our first family picture since Audra has been born:

I know it. It doesn't really count since you can't see Audra, but she's there- behind me in the stroller, sleeping.

And here was our attempt to get a cute picture of all five of our children together. Out of eight photos, this is the best one. I get that that's hard to believe, but you should see the other seven. If I weren't so lazy, I'd post them just for laughs. But you're just going to have to trust that they are awful.

I think in this one, we'd just reprimanded Adelia for something, and she is beginning to tell us how she doesn't like being reprimanded. Isaac is nonchalantly wondering how Audra is faring. I think Audra is expressing how much she loves being a part of our family (so... not so much, then, at the moment). I'm pretty sure Isaias is clueless that we even are taking a picture. And Ella is posing and pretending that everything around her is just fine, thankyou.

We'll have to try that again someday. Maybe if we bribe them with treats next time we'll fare better.

Okay, I can't help myself. Here's the worst of the eight photos. I do not even know what is going on with Isaac in this picture. I really don't. But this picture should make every single one of you feel much better about every single one of the pictures you've ever taken of your children. I'm just glad I can help you out with that.


  1. Laughing out loud here!
    Even the baby is havng issues in the last picture!

    You are lookin good for just having a baby.

  2. Even not posed perfectly, they are all still lovable and adorable!

    ...but the last one did give me a good giggle! ;-)

  3. Great family shot! The kid pics were pretty cute too. ;-)

  4. Oh man, those pictures of the kids completely cracked me up. They are all so adorable!

  5. I'm laughing and laughing about your kid shots at the end of your post, Stacy! Especially about how "Isaias is clueless that we are even taking a picture." That is so Michael at our house. Haa ha ha!!

  6. Love it! Thanks for posting it all. Tami S

  7. Stacy, you make me laugh! You all look awesome-- maybe because your clothes are so clean from all the "help" the boys gave you with the laundry the other day?

  8. Can I just say first that you look GREAT?!!!!!

    These pictures are so indicative of the ones I've tried to get with our girls together. You know the ones that make people sigh and think warm, comfy thoughts? Haven't gotten ONE yet. And you have 5 to pose, so I can only imagine. But thank you for the pictures of your adorable kids and the hilarious description!

  9. I'm glad I could give you all a laugh. Me, too!

    Thanks for the compliment!

    That's funny that would be Michael, too. Both of our boys have a little of that. :)

    VERY funny. [She says, sarcastically.] But actually, it was.

    Aww... thank you.


  10. OK, I seriously burst out laughing when I saw that last picture. :) I know how hard it is to get Luke and Abigail to look at the camera and smile let alone FIVE children! Great pictures, and a great update. It is always nice to see Michelle. :) And, ummm, didn't you have a baby like a month ago?!?! You look great!

    Amy Crawford

  11. At least they are still all on the cute!! I read someone say that you have to take at least 30, yes, THIRTY pics of kids in one sitting to get one or two good ones!! Oh the work of a mother.

  12. I love these kids, that's what I think when I see these pics.

    And Stacy, you do look awesome. I am jealous, because I know it won't go that way for me.

  13. Oh, Stacy, what a wonderful family you have. I really think I like Miss Adelia...what a spitfire she seems.

    I love both photos!

  14. Amy,
    I KNOW!!! It's pretty funny, actually. So much for a cute shot of all 5. I wonder if that will ever occur. I'm going to keep trying, though.
    Thanks, too for the compliment.

    You're right! They're all still on the couch. That's one good thing.

    Oh, shush. You never know... every pregnancy is different! :)

    Yes, spitfire is a perfect description of our Adelia. :) She is a feisty one, our girl.



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