Verse #7 (and our new habit)

In all honesty, I feel a little cheaty about choosing this verse to memorize. Not that "cheaty" is a word. [In fact, spell check is clearly telling me that it's not. Spell check would prefer that I use the word chesty, actually, but I'm ignoring that and moving on.]

Well. Here's the verse, and then I'll tell you why I feel cheaty about it.
A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22 (NIV)

A good verse. And I need it. The cheerful heart part. I really struggle lately (okay, maybe always?) in sounding like a drill sergeant with my children, and I want so much to be a joyful, fun, smiling mama. [This morning I literally thought about hanging up a big sign for myself that says, "Lighten up."]

But the cheaty part is that I already know this verse. Not that I've actually taken time to memorize it before, but it's just one of those verses that I've heard so many times that I know it already. I don't know the reference, though. So I will be memorizing that.

But even though it feels a bit cheaty, I'm going with it, anyway. I'm still working on memorizing the last two verses, and because, like I said: I need the cheerful heart this verse speaks of, and it will be good to meditate on the verse and pray toward that end.

The kids are memorizing it, too. Cheerfulness is the new habit we're practicing. They're far quicker than I am at learning, and I figure if they "get" it and walk around all cheery and smiling, it just might be contagious. I've also bribed them just a bit, by telling them that the cheeriest child gets a jelly belly at the end of each day. [That may not seem like a lot to you, but to our children who rarely get candy, one jelly belly is ALL it takes.]


  1. hey sweet thing, I am feeling a little 'cheaty' also about my verse! I already know it, but it has just spoken to me this week through the uncertainty we had with the birth of my newest little grandson and the problems he encountered. Don't feel bad about it. God has put those verses on our hearts and we just are obedient.


  2. I think I'd better join you in memorizing this verse- I can relate to this struggle! I feel like such a grouch!!

    Lately, with some discipline issues we've been having with all the kids, I've started to feel like I have triplets that are 3 instead of a 6, 4 and 3 year old (well and Josiah, too).

    These particular triplets can't seem to function together out of my sight. And as soon as I send two or three of them to another part of the house, I end up yelling (unpleasantly) for them all to come back to be sent separately to complete the task at hand.

    But I'm the adult, right? I need to be reminded that I'm training them, not just responding to them!

    Keep at it, Stacy!!

  3. You should post a picture of the kids with their cheerful hearts. It's too funny!

  4. Wow, Stacy!! It is only with God that you even have the time, attention and gift to keep up a blog like this...with everything you have going on! Amazing! I have only begun to look around. There is so much here! Already, I want to start memorizing verses with Hannah Mae. She has Psalm 91 memorized (King James Version) and says it every night with her Daddy before bed. She actually almost raps/sings it. I love hearing it. You have an amazing family...even though I don't know your kids and our interactions are SO minimal the few times I get to Bham. May God continue to heap his blessings on you! Love you. Naomi

  5. I just painted a travel mug at our local ceramic art lounge and put the first part of this verse on it. Now every morning I can drink my coffee and be reminded to start my day with a cheerful heart. :)

    It's fun to see what you've been memorizing!

  6. I so like you!
    I love your honesty, your humility and your "real" ness. It's so refreshing.

    I too am a recovering drill sergeant. I long for the same joy your after. I have to work really hard at it.

    We're looking for an new verse. We just finished one and put our stickers up today. So if you don't mind we will join you in the this.

    Thanks for sharing and for being so intentional.

  7. Oh boy, do I need this one...posted on every surface of my house so that I can be reminded of it constantly!
    That's great the "happy heart" bribe is working! I should give that one a try!

  8. Wow, could I relate to the drill sargent momma part. Some days I just sit and listen to myself and not to be a the care free joyful mom I wish I was.

    Great verse...cheaty or not.


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