Adelia's birthday letter: one!

{Adelia's birthday was in February, so I'm catching up, here. Isaias' was in March, so that one is still on the docket.}

My beautiful Adelia,

One year ago today you were born. A tiny, struggling baby born to a mother who couldn't care for you.

God knew-- so long before that day, even-- that your home would be here with us, that you would be a part of our family, and that I would get the indescribable joy of being your mama. There are tears in my eyes as I type this, my sweet girl. I want you to know that I am overwhelmingly grateful for the privilege, the honor, the pure joy of being your mama. Oh, how I love you, daughter of mine. I am so thankful to God for allowing us to get to be your family. You are pure delight, Adelia. I love you so much!

Quite seriously, I think you are the cutest little girl in the entire world. I say to your daddy probably daily: “Seriously. Just look at her. Isn’t she just the cutest thing you’ve EVER seen in your whole life?” And you are. Your smile lights up a room. You are expressive, affectionate, silly, charming, endearing and sweet.

Let’s see... how do I even begin to tell you about yourself this past year?

Here are some notes I made about you, at seven months:

*you say mama
*you say dada
*you say "hi"
*you say "ugh!" (kind of a gutteral grunt) when we ask, "What's a doggy say?"
*you wave in the cutest fashion: your right hand clasped in a little fist, your thumb still poking out, and you wave from side to side. so cute.
*clapping. you keep one of your hands (the left?) relatively still, and clap the other one against it.
*you dance by rocking and usually sing while you're doing so.

At eight months:

*you're crawling (by using one knee and then sliding your bum OR using one knee and bear-crawling with one leg). Mama affectionately refers to this as your ‘booty scoot’.
*first tooth
*you're learning signs (more please, all done, thank you)
*lifting your hands to "praise the Lord!" or "praise Jesus!"

And now, at one year:

You learned to walk this past month, and you are happily cruising around the house, getting into everything and making good progress in keeping our house a constant mess. :) But you’re so cute you’re easily forgiven. And when mama asks you to clean up, you happily oblige, saying in a sing-song voice, “Kee- UH!” and helping.

What else are you saying?

uh-oh (mostly used before you purposefully drop something onto the floor)
bob-bull (bottle; spoken to mama whenever you want one- but most imploringly in the mornings.)
bi-pull (diaper)
tee-too (thank you)
eye (as she pokes you in the eyeball)
hi! (to anyone and everyone- including strangers we pass in the grocery store, other kids or moms at the library- (you'll head over to them, touch their legs, faces, and give a cheerful "hi!" you are so social!)

What you LOVE

... giving kisses (you make the rounds, every time. before naptime, before nighttime- everyone gets a kiss. and you love this so much. as soon as you’ve finished your bottle you sit up, grin, and reach for the first available recipient of your kisses!)
... your baby
... cheese and cheerios
... your bottle
... mama & daddy
... ella, isaac and isaias
... getting into isaac's legos or isaias' cars all lined up on the ottoman
... being snuggled after you get hurt or reprimanded
... snuggling with daddy in the wee hours of the morning (mama is convinced that any early-morning wake-ups on your part are for the sole purpose of getting some one-on-one time in with your daddy!)
... touching the computer (though it's a no-no)
... when mommy's in the shower, so that you can pull the curtain open and knock things into the tub, while getting very wet.
... music and dancing to it.

Things I don’t want to forget:

*the way you used to pucker up for a kiss, your lips pursed together like fish lips

*the way you say your happy "hi!" all day long, crawling around from room to room, greeting each of us

*the way you snuggle up in my arms to drink your bottle, peering up at me with your dark eyes, playing with my fingers, making little hmm-ing noises, occasionally sitting up to see what's up with the older kids. (precious times, these. i'm feeling tearfully nostalgic, knowing that these times are nearing an end with you, dear girl.)

*the way you do little tummy crunches to get herself to a sitting position. you rarely roll over: you just pull yourself up.

*the way you practiced standing: legs spread, waving your little hands to keep your balance, and then happily plunging forward into our waiting arms.

*sitting at the front window with you at noon- waiting for daddy to come home for lunch each day. banging on the window, saying "da-dada" and looking, looking. singing our daddy songs until he comes: ("Oh where is our daddy?" and "Oh, Daddy daddy") so serious when he comes, and then, "hi!"

*your happy chatter each morning, and your "hi!" when we come in to get you. and then your snuggles- head snuggled up against me as i carry you out of your room.

*your expression over food. you are constantly talking, humming, making little noises over each and every bite. you are NEVER silent when you’re eating, not even for a moment.

*standing up near the two tall toy bins (your "gate"), in the kitchen doorway, watching the rest of us scurry about.

*the way you chew on your baby doll's soft hands when you’re sleepy.

*your delight at finding your baby before bedtime.

*your dear snuggles and loves for all of us before bedtime.

*the little "oof-oof" sounds you make for doggies [and every other animal].

You have been such a gift to our family. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the years to come!

I love you, dear girl.

~Your mama


  1. Oh, Stacy, how can your Adelia be ONE (plus a few months:) )? It just can't be!!!! What a precious letter to your daughter. She sounds like such a delight. How blessed you are to get to be your momma and I praise the Lord for your joy in her. Bless you, little Adelia!!!!!!

  2. Oh, so precious! I love her too! I need to write Raphael's birthday letter too, as he turned one last week. They grow too fast...
    Much love to you friend!

  3. Such a sweet note - I am getting weepy! Eli is turning one soon and I so want to remember everything he is doing. But Addie is so much more ahead of Eli. Eli only says "dada". :-)

  4. This is just precious. Thanks for sharing your little one with us.


  5. Such beautiful words to a beautiful little girl! Thank you!

  6. Thank you, all. :)

    She *is* a delight!


  7. What depth of love! You brought tears to my eyes. My nephew and his girlfriend gave up their newborn daughter one year ago, and I imagine what her new mama is thinking and feeling, how much in love mama and daddy are with this precious little gift. Thank you for a wonderful glimpse into what they are experiencing with my nephew's daughter.


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