Feeding the ducks

Today was Mark's day off, and we decided we should get out and do something fun with the kids. He suggested that we head to the lake and feed the ducks. I thought that was a grand idea, since Adelia is at that fun stage of loving all animals and practicing their sounds, and she's never fed the ducks before.

So we picked up some cheap bread, drove to the lake, and fed the ducks.

Adelia thought that was the greatest thing since sliced bread because, well, there was sliced bread.

She really barely noticed the fact that there were ducks there. She was simply thrilled that we handed her a slice of bread and she got to snack while we did whatever it was we were doing.

It totally cracked me up.


  1. We tried to do that a couple of years ago. We loaded up the kids, grabbed some bread and drove to every lake we could think of in close proximity... couldn't find a SINGLE duck!! Glad you were more successful. :)

  2. Too cute! Looks like fun - and a great snack for Adelia!! ;-)

  3. I really like bread too. Adelia and I are on the same wave lenght!

  4. Love the way she's wearing her hair now....and they way she is able to take joy in cheap bread.

  5. Wow. This takes me back to my childhood! When my sister, brother and I would all make good grades on a report card, we would get the amazing treat of going to feed the ducks. What great memories!

    And I love the last picture - how everyone else is concentrating so hard on the water and there's sweet Adelia looking toward her bite of bread. :-)

  6. Ha ha! That totally cracks me up too. Cute girl. Have been praying for your mom - glad to hear she is feeling at least a little bit better.


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