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One of the reasons I have been wooed by Facebook is because of its brevity. I can make a one-comment status update and be off the computer in a matter of minutes. Recently, a few minutes is often all I have; and I rarely have time to put together a cohesive post.

So here's my attempt to give you a little glimpse into how we're doing, more Facebook- style than Blog-style:

1. While we're on the topic of Facebook: Does any other FB user wish for a "Like" button in Blogger?

2. I wanted to let my blog readers know (those of you who are left!) that I have been much more faithful lately in commenting back to you in the comments section. If you've left a comment on one of my posts, I've likely left you one back. [I used to do this much more but had gotten out of the habit. I missed it, so I'm back at it.]

3. I think we can officially say that Audra is sleeping through the night. It's been a couple weeks of NO nighttime wake-ups. She goes down sometime between 9:30 and 10:30 at night and wakes up usually during the 5 or 6 o'clock hour. This morning it was 7:00. Hence, we are sleeping well. [Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, sweet Audra.]

4. Ella is learning how to tell time, and that's fun.

5. I had forgotten that breastfeeding means that you sit down a whole lot more! Each evening Audra does a couple hours of some pretty serious nursing, "tanking up" for a good night's sleep, and I find myself stuck to the couch. So I've been reading books and blogs (but not necessarily commenting) and watching more TV.

6. A few books I've recently finished and can recommend:
Stepping Heavenward
Same Kind of Different as Me
To Kill a Mockingbird
[I just read this book for the first time ever. I can't believe I've gone this long in life without "knowing" Atticus Finch as a character.]

7. The TV shows we're watching:
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
(the one show that consistently makes both Mark and I tear up)
Finally, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I'm going to anyway: Dancing With the Stars.
And every week I say: "I wish we could watch American Idol online." It's the one other show we would watch if we could, but since we do all of our TV viewing online, it's not an option.

8. We rarely leave the house. In fact, aside from our weekly trips to church and small group, I think I could count on one hand the times we've all gone out. It's just easier to stay home, so we do.

9. I'm really enjoying Kendra's Marvelous Monday series. And Cheryl's, too. Packed with great homeschooling resources from mothers who've been doing this longer than I have. Also, I'm really looking forward to Part 2 of Kendra's Drowning in Home Management series. The "drowning" part happens to be rather relevant in this season of my life.

10. We took several pictures of all five kids yesterday after church. Here's the best one:


  1. Hey, hey, hey! You have a great picture of all five children! I'm impressed! :) I still laugh at the thought of Isaac's face during your last attempt! :) That is great that Audra is sleeping through the night. Uninterrupted sleep for mama is always a good thing. :) Also, don't tell anyone but I watch Dancing with the Stars too! Shhhhh.... :)

    Amy Crawford

  2. Yes, Facebook has wooed me too, and I definitely think we need a thumbs up button on Blogger!!!

    So glad you're getting a full-night's sleep! Way to go, Audra! :)

    I haven't read To Kill a Mockingbird either. I need to add it to the list!

  3. I sometimes used to wish my kids were "long nursers". But neither of them ever lasted longer than 10 minutes. And THAT was a long session!! Great picture of the kids! I am loving LOST too. We are also skipping American Idol. And DWTS. It is really tough to keep up on comments - good job!

  4. What a wonderful picture of the kids! I love the Easter outfits!

    And thank you Audra for sleeping through he night for your mommy and daddy!

  5. Great photo! I love the matching girls' dresses. Happy sleep.

  6. To Kill a Mockingbird Bird is one of my favorite books! I wanted Atticus to be my friend after I finished reading the book :o)

    Glad to hear your getting some sleep. Sleep so makes the world go around!

    I am following Kendra's posts too. I am slowly coming out of the fog that baby brings and hoping to get into a more regular routine. Most of my energy goes into my middle son right now not the baby. That's a whole nother story.

  7. I'm enjoying Kendra's posts too. Glad all is well with your family...


  8. So happy for you that you're getting some sleep. It makes all the difference.
    Yes, yes, I think one of the joys of breastfeeding is that forced sitting down. We need it!
    Atticus was one of the names Erik and I liked when we've talked about names in the past. I'm sorry to say though, that I've not read the book either. (But have seen the movie.)
    Your children are precious!

  9. Sweet picture, Stacy! I love Isaias' cheery face and your fun matching outfits! Beautiful children!!

    Oh and when you do leave the house, are you able to fit all your kids in your minivan? I'm wondering how we're going to do it with five in carseats/boosters!

    Love to you and your sweethearts!

  10. Look at how grown-up Isaias looks!

    Those dresses are so beautiful ~ and your girls are so beautiful in them! :) Happy Easter (belated!) to you Stacy and Mark.



  11. Amy,
    My lips are sealed. ~smile~

    I know! Wouldn't it (the thumbs-up button) be so handy!?
    You definitely need to add TKAM to your list. What did you ever think of Redeeming Love?

    Mighty M,
    Yeah. I feel pretty blessed. All of our kids have been really good sleepers (with the exception of Isaac for a few months). But I can take no credit for Isaias and Adelia. They were *great* sleepers when they came to us.


    Thank you!

    Yep. LOVED his character. I think he was a wise father. Oh my. I could write a BOOK on energy going into my middle child, who just so happens to be a son. I'll pray for you and yours!

    Hi Joni! :)

    Yes. It is SO nice to be sleeping. And I tell Mark often how smart God is to make it this way- that when you're nursing, you're forced to REST. To read, gaze at that sweet baby, pray,... whatever. But you can't be UP.

    You MUST read the book, Rebeca!

    Rebecca M,
    Thank you!
    Yep. Our kids fit. Ella is in the middle back (no booster). Isaac is beside her in his booster, and Isaias on the other side in his regular 5-harness seat. The babies in the second "row" with their bigger seats.

    Yes. He's getting so big.
    Thank you. I was so tickled to find matching dresses for all three. :)

    Thanks for commenting, all! :)

  12. Stacy, I also find FB a quick easy way to catch up with folks and leave a message.

    Great photo of the children! Love the matching outfits.

  13. Love the picture! Audra has grown so much, how big is she now!

  14. The kids Easter picture is fantastic!! And I love your girls' dresses!!

  15. I just saw your shelfari.
    I LOVE the seven silly eaters!

    And just in case it is helpful, Ronald Dahl (who wrote Charlie & etc.) wrote the BFG and we read that earlier this year. The kids liked it and we finished it but I do NOT recommend it. There was just a bit of humor that I didn't appreciate (like passing gas etc.) and some other things you could do without.

    I'll check out the other books you have on there, thanks!

    Oh and. How do you plan to keep track of books you like? Are you relying on your memory? I always wonder what I should be doing about this. A book that Aidan loves right now I want to remember 8 years from now but doubt I will. Especially when we get most of our books from the library.

  16. Debbie,
    Thank you!

    Aww.. thank you!

    Thanks, Sarah. I was tickled to find matching ones in all three sizes. :)

    OH, how my kids love that book. :) We've gotten it a couple of times.

    Thanks for the heads up about the other Dahl book.

    As for the books, I keep a running tally of our favorites. On another blog that is "private", but it makes it easy for me to list them quick when I'm online.


  17. I LOVE the matching dresses for the girls :-) I've read and love Stepping Heavenward - have you read Aunt Jane's Hero - if not - I really think you would like it!
    I'm going to try the other books that you've just finished reading as well. hugs!!

  18. You too? I just read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time, and I just turned 50. So you're way ahead of me, good for you. Now if you can watch the movie, you're in for a real treat. I borrowed it from the library and really enjoyed it. It's very faithful to the book.


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