First lost tooth

It came out this morning at church, after grandma gave it a good wiggle. On the way home, Ella announced that she was going to make a wish. We'd never discussed that in regards to losing a tooth, so I asked her where that idea came from. She told me that in this book, the little girl made a wish when she lost her tooth. Aha. So now we do the tooth fairy thing and make a wish.

Mark mentioned during that conversation that whenever he made a wish as a child, he wished for a good wife. [How sweet is that?]

Ella later informed me that her wish was for vanilla ice cream. We're such ice cream lovers, we'll be happy to oblige. But I might choose Bailey's Irish cream, myself.

I love it that this girl finally lost a tooth. She's been longing for this day for several months!


  1. Hi Stacy :) Please give Ella "hooray hugs" for us!

    Our family has an ice cream tradition for lost teeth, too! What fun! Love, Q

  2. Happy day Ella! Enjoy your ice cream!

  3. Oh are so cute. So glad you got to make a wish and that it came true!

    Your picture with your NEW smile is so cute!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  4. Awww, what a cutie! My little girl looooves One Morning in Maine--I knew as soon as I read the word "wish" where Ella got that idea! (And the little girl in the book wishes for vanilla ice cream too. Smart girls.)

  5. Yippee Ella!!

    The tooth fairy thing is quiet a sticky point around our house. We had some new friends over to visit the other week and the boys were comparing tooth loss records. Carlos very casually said that he’d lost 15 teeth….the mom looked over at me for verification. :) And I had to agree with Carlos….he had 15 teeth pulled a few months after he came home. But we did not do the tooth fairy for those teeth….would have broke the bank!!

  6. YEAH!!! :) Congrats on a big milestone! So, so sweet. One thing I love about losing teeth is that it is a childhood thing that goes on and on and on. :) Years and years ahead for you. I hope your tooth fairy isn't as forgetful as ours is.

  7. Ella,

    I am so happy that your tooth finally came out. And I am so glad that your grandma got to be there for it (she seemed so happy that it did come out while she was in Haiti!)

    You look super cute with your lost tooth!

    Do you have any more wiggly ones??


  8. oops.

    I meant "did NOT come out" while your grandma was in Haiti. Otherwise, that made no sense at all!!!!


  9. How great! My Kiddo has FOUR gone at the moment...and only two are pushing through. Not to mention that they are all very front teeth except the bottom two are right next to the front two on either side. (He lost those earlier and they have since grown in.) We tease him about how he's gonna eat with no teeth?!? :o)

  10. How fun! Peregrine has a couple of wigglers but hasn't lost any yet. It only adds to their charm!

  11. Happy First Lost Tooth, Ella!

    To date, two teeth have been come out in our household and we haven't developed any firm traditions but I sure like the ice cream celebration!

    A year or so ago, my mom handed me a very small ziplock bag filled with, yes, my teeth. Kind of gross but also kind of funny- it included a letter I wrote to the Tooth Fairy as a 9 or so year old.

    What will you do with the lost teeth, Stacy? I always wonder if I should save them or not?

  12. Thank you, all... for the congrats on Ella's tooth! I'll pass along your "yay"s and "hooray!"s. :)

    Sarah E- Yikes! That would have been a BIG tooth-fairy hand out! :)

    Rebecca M- Ella asked if the Tooth Fairy could please leave her tooth, so I'll let her worry about it's safe-keeping. {Otherwise I'd likely toss it. Or maybe tooth #1 would be taped into her scrapbook or something; I don't know.}


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