Five things

I already mentioned that I enjoyed Kendra's series on Drowning in Home Management. In Part 1, she encouraged us to identify our top five "non-negotiables".

I prayed, journaled, and asked Mark his opinion. And I came up with five things. Here they are:

-love God
-love Mark
-love our children
-feed my family
-take care of our home

Pretty general, I know. So I made notes under each one, specifying some ideas of what each of these things might entail. These lists don't cover everything under each category, they're just the first things that came to mind.

Love God
read the Bible
memorize scripture

Love Mark
greet him when he comes home
pray for him
listen when he speaks
encourage him (verbally and in notes/cards)
feed him (desserts)

Love our children
discipline them
daily memory work
homeschool them
read aloud every day
encourage them
pray for them
clothe them

Feed my family
three meals a day
nurse Audra :)
make meal plans
make shopping lists
go grocery shopping

Take care of our home
clean and tidy rooms
budget/finances/pay bills
decorating~ making our home warm and inviting

In my next post I'll tell you how this activity came in handy this past week, when I took on a little more than I could handle.


  1. looks good. and how cool that it already came in handy.

  2. I love this post...I have often thought about these things but never have written them down. Thank you for the reminder of what God has called me to be as a wife and mom!!

  3. I have been following Kendra's posts too. My list is very similar to yours with names changed of coarse. I just have lacked time and motivation to post them. It is so much easier to think then to write LOL! I also do a written journal which first.

    As I think about it, I am finding the areas I don't like or don't find easy are the areas that go south. For example cooking. I am growing in this but it is effort for me and therefore need to concentrate...and well...somedays the noise level by 5pm makes me feel like I'm loosing my mind. So I am looking at how to make that run smother.
    I am purposing to work on these particular areas. They are all the basics....who has time for anything else? And to think I only have three.

  4. Your nonchalance at "tucking that in there" is very good. I hope you don't get trolls for it!
    My five were the same... I look forward to hearing what DIDN'T make the list.

  5. Thanks, Ame.

    Yes. I need the reminder myself. :) It helps my brain, at least- to have it all written out like this.

    Your cooking is my cleaning. It is a huge effort for me to clean. I've made huge strides in tidying, but cleaning requires much more effort.
    I can get a meal on the table nowadays *only* when I've done prep in the morning sometime. If I have something going (meat in the crockpot or at the very least thawing) sometime before noon, we're in good shape. :)

    Okay, now I'm paranoid it's going to come up in some Google search. Yikes. I'll have to change that word. "Intimacy", perhaps?


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