Books just in

Have any of you read any of these?


  1. I am still on my screen time break but I always read you anyway. :o)

    I just bought Radical too. Would love to hear your thoughts after you finish. I loaned it to a friend during these crazy two weeks and plan to read it soon.

    Would so appreciate your prayers. Had no idea how draining this would be for him and me. God is so at work providing for us but honestly i'm pretty sure what they are going to tell me and I don't want to hear it


  2. When People are Big and God is Small totally rings a bell... I think I got it a few years ago, started it, enjoyed it (as much as you can 'enjoy' a really convicting book), but then put it down in the busyness of life and haven't picked it up again. Good reminder ~ gotta go find it again!

    So why are these books sitting on your shelf?


  3. Hmmmm. Nope. None of them. Would love a reccomendation though.

  4. I've read When People Are Big and God Is Small. I really liked it. Gave me lots of good thoughts about breaking out of a people-pleasing mindset and into a God-pleasing mindset. Which in turn frees us to better love others the way God wants us to. Would love to know what you think of the others! Happy reading!

  5. I've read Rich Christians in a Hungry World. Totally rocked my world. Be prepared to be challenged in regards to your view on 'stuff' and the materialism that we're surrounded with. Also made me think a lot about the church buildings that we have and the money that's spent on maintaining them.

  6. HHMMMM..."Radical" sounds familiar to me. I think I've heard it mentioned in a message at church. Have you read "The Hole in the Gospel" By Richard Stearns? He's the President of World Vision. He just spoke at our church this past weekend. I have an extra copy I could pop in the mail to you...
    Miss you Stac!

  7. I read Vinegar Boy a LONG time ago, but I don't remember much about it. :-(

  8. Sandi~
    I'll let you know!
    Praying, friend!

    All are books that I want to read and I just got them from Amazon. Some of them have been sitting in my Amazon cart for *months* but I don't usually buy books for myself (but the library didn't have any of these!). Mark told me to get them, so I happily ordered them. :)

    Right now I'm reading Cold Tangerines and really enjoying it so far!

    Sounds SO good. And needed, too.

    I love to be challenged, so I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for your thoughts on it!

    YES. I did read that. SO good. And hard. But good. That's cool he spoke at your church!

  9. Nope. Let us know how you like them! :)

  10. Hi Stacy, I don't think I've ever commented here before (?), but I've been reading your blog so long I've forgotten how I found you! :-)

    I haven't read any of these books, but "Rich Christians" seems to be calling to me...I may have to check it out.

    BTW - do you know about It's a book trading site where you can get books for free with credits you earn from mailing your used books to other people and from referring your friends. I know you and your family love to read, so thought I would pass along the info!

    Happy reading!

  11. I have been wanting to read When People are Big and God is Small! You will have to let us know your thoughts when you are finished! :) My husband and I just bought The 5 Love Languages to read as our nightly devotion together. Love new books! :)

  12. I just popped over here to find a book to bring on vacation with me, thanks for the timely post! I LOVED The mountain between us. Thank you for your recommendations.

  13. I went to grad school back in Philly at Eastern and Ron Sider was a prof at the seminary there so we sat in on some of his seminars. Rich Christians had a profound impact on both EK and I. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you read it.

    Vinegar Boy is a lent tradition around here. I love it. It's raw and real.

    Kenj keeps telling me I have to read When People are had a profound impact on her.

    I'd love to hear about the others!


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