Three things I love... and want to remember

one. Every day, several times a day, Audra walks over to me, leans against my legs, and says, "Up boo". "Up boo" is her way of saying that she wants me to pick her up, but none of us are sure what, exactly, she is saying. Up please? Up to you? Not sure. But it's something I want to remember because it's cute and endearing and just so Audra.

two. When I'm in the kitchen and my hands are full, I'll often shut a cupboard or a drawer with the back of my arm- or, heck, whatever is handy- be it my foot, leg or knee. The thing is, I didn't realize I even did this until we started seeing Adelia do it. Example: She'll be standing near an open drawer, which, height-wise, reaches her waist. Then she'll hike up her knee to close the drawer. Or she'll turn around and shove it closed using her hip. It's hilarious to watch, since her hands are right there and would be MUCH easier to close the drawer with!

three. Adelia's latest phrase is: "I never". Mark will say, "Adelia, I'm going to put underpants on you before you go outside to play, but I don't want you to put any pee in them, okay?" Adelia will say, very earnestly, "Daddy, I never. I never put pee in it." She says this very earnestly, shaking her little head with her eyes very wide and serious. It's quite cute. Another example: I asked her yesterday to go sit on the couch and read a book, and then found her a few minutes later with Mark's Bible pulled onto her lap, flipping the pages. I said, "Mama doesn't want you reading Daddy's Bible, honey. Those pages are really thin and rip easily. Okay? Let me get you another book." To which she says, clutching the Bible: "Mama, I never. I never rip daddy's Bible."


  1. Oh, those are just so precious! How CUTE are they?? :)

  2. So precious. I need to write down more things.

    And love the book books. I might just have to get my hands on those. Journey has been reading more twaddle this year too....only so much I can do in a day amidst the choas :o)
    This summer I am creating a list of books for required reading over the next year. Then she can go choose one that is approved.

  3. Very sweet! Wonderful memories!

  4. Cute, cute cute! Those girls are such a sweet treat!

  5. you paint such a good picture of these memories with your stories! i love to hear such endearing things like this. i think i'd better start writing down more of the ones i want to remember, too!


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