We wrapped up Ella's first season of dance with a weekend of performances.

She danced with her beautiful smile shining from that face I love so much and I sat in the audience, proud of the girl she is.

I am relieved that it's over, these weekly trips to the dance studio with my five. This was our first foray into the extra-curricular and truth be told: I dreaded it, every week. It was taxing on all of us, but me especially.

Mark and I weigh these two things, now: Ella loves to dance. (Maybe all little girls do, I don't know.) But: it took a lot out of the rest of us.

Maybe if it had been at a different time of the day? -4:00? Never again.
Maybe if we were in a different season of our lives? -And the girls weren't still so little.
Maybe if it was not so expensive...

Ah, but she loves it so much.

We're praying about it, Mark and I. We'll see.


  1. Hannah had class on Monday's at 4 and it was hard, just with the 3 of us, so I can totally relate to everything here. Hard to argue against those happy smiles or joy though! :)

  2. I love DFJ, but I absolutely agree, the 4:00 classes were just too hard, and dragging everyone to the classes was taxing for us. (a big reason we haven't done dance the past year or so.) Perhaps they would consider adding a morning class for homeschoolers? I heard they used to have a HS class. I have 2 girls that would definitely want to participate. :)

  3. We have signed up our two girls for ballet this fall, but only because it's a homeschool class on a day that we also have choir and it's in the same building! It's so hard on the other kids, I understand, and we've already decided we're just doing it in the fall because we have a new baby arriving in the new year. I hate to say no to my kids, but we have to choose what's best for everyone.

  4. We did dance for the first time this year too, and I hear ya! Poppy had a Monday morning class, and it's so hard to get in gear on Mondays. Peregrine's was Thursday afternoon buy my sister took him, so that one was easy. It's a toss-up, but I do think it was good for the kids. That said, we'll have to see about next year.
    Ella is beautiful!

  5. DFJ used to have homeschool classes. It sounds like you could put a group together and just ask them for an instructor! Once you have a regular class meeting together, carpooling can save your life (and by that I mean your nap times and dinner preparations, of course).

    We have tried to choose our extra-curriculars wisely and even at that have found ourselves stretched at times.

    Ella is so beautiful in her dress and look at her posing like such a natural dancer. Way to go Ella!

  6. What a beautiful girl! Inside and out!

    I hear you! I think getting the kids anywhere at a particular time is really taxing now matter the time or reason! I am surprised at how much it has added (taken from) to our life to get the kids to swimming lessons this past week and a half (and that is with Mike's help each time and kids much easier to get around than last year!).

    Good job praying and thinking on it. You guys will make the best decision for your family and for Ella. And at the rate that family dynamics change (kids getting older etc.) whatever you do or don't do can be for just a season. One step at a time. :)

  7. We've had the same dread and challenges, and the same love. I'm sure you two will make the best decision for her. I'll pray for someone with whom you can carpool.

  8. I can completely understand how taxing that would be on you. Being a mom of five kids & taking care & organizing your home is A LOT. Then, a 4:00 appt on a weekly basis (I would dread it too). Prayer that's a good thing. And as Amy said, "one step at a time," or as my mother in law says, "this too shall pass." I try to remember that while I'm in the trenches. She is a beautiful girl.

  9. Teri,
    Well I'm relieved that it's not just me that time is difficult for!

    Hm. I know they used to have a class for homeschoolers, too. Maybe we'll have to check into that! ;)

    That sounds like a win-win! (Especially that it's in the SAME BUILDING!) :)

    How fun that they both took classes! :) You were brave to tackle that this past year!

    That's a great idea, Angie. I'll definitely have to inquire about that for next year.

    Oh, carpooling! Our van is FULL to the brim, so we could never take anyone. My sister-in-law offered to take Ella, Ella wanted *me* to be there, and truthfully, I wanted to be there for her, too.

    (Thanks for your compliments on our cute girl! :))

    She is! :)
    Yikes-- and swimming is *every night*. Good job, Hollisters! :)
    Yes. It's good to be reminded that should we decide NO, that doesn't mean we can't revisit that decision the following year and re-evaluate where we're at.

    Thank you for your words, Annie. I know God will direct us to the best decision, and I also know that Ella, being who she is, will be content with whatever decision we make, which I'm very thankful for.

    Thank you, Kamille. It truly does my heart good to hear that other moms would find this taxing, too!
    I try to remember that one, too- "this, too, shall pass." ~whew~ :)

    Blessings to each and every one of you!


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