What Mark is doing on his day off

(He's been reading for a couple of hours, now. And I'm trying very hard not to ask him every five minutes: "What part are you on now?" If the guy would just hurry up and finish already, we could discuss it!)

Ella has said, twice this morning: "It's kind of funny to see daddy laying around reading."

I told you: get this book. It's that good.

Or, hey- if your husband or brother or dad likes to read? Get it for Father's Day. It's a good guy book. [Think: boy scout out in the mountains, trying to stay alive.]

In case you missed it, this is the post where I last raved about Charles Martin and his new book: Another must-read


  1. Ummm ... I'm pretty sure you DID check in ever five minutes to see what part I was on.


  2. Read it until 1am last night. Can't wait for more free time for it!

  3. Does your husband normally read fiction? My husband likes non-fiction pretty much exclusively. We've found he would rather watch a movie or TV to get his fiction-fill (so to speak). Rather than spend hours/days reading a fiction book, he'd rather watch a 2 hour movie.

    I think I'd rather watch a documentary or something to get my non-fiction fill (so to speak). But I love to read fiction books (and I'll watch movies and TV too!). :)

  4. I just realized the hilarity of my saying that I needed free time to read it.... as I am reading your blog right now!

    The difference: I should be making lunch right now but I am checking this "real quick" first. ;)

  5. Such a cute post - Mark isn't "posing" at all for that picture - such a natural!! :)

  6. Ok....you have sold me on this book...I wish I would have purchased it on my last Amazon *trip*. It's now next on my list...and I'll check the library for some of his others!!

  7. Honey,
    Just about. But I only peered over your shoulder TWICE. *grin*

    YAY! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

    That's a good question. Mark does not usually fiction. He usually reads historical accounts of wars or specific battles. (He did read the Bourne books and he'll read an occasional Tom Clancy), but it's not his go-to genre. I don't know if that helps.

    You're funny. I get it, though. WAY quicker to "pop in" and check a blog than settle in for a read. Plus- you can read blogs while distractions abound but for a book? You want quiet and no interruptions!

    Mighty M/Teri,
    It truly *wasn't* posed. That's exactly what he looked like!

    His Amazing Grace/April,
    I promise you'll love it. :) And yes, DO check out his other stuff, too. They're *all* good.

  8. Picked it up from the library at 11:30am.....read 4 chapters in the parking lot. :) Can' WAIT for afternoon naptime! WOO-HOO!

  9. Just popping in to let you know that as per your earlier review of this book, I placed a hold on it at my library- and it's IN! :)

    Thank you, kind friend(s). xo

  10. oh wow - i am 2 weeks without children right now (very weird!) and i am going to the library tomorrow to get this one. i'm glad mark likes it, too, because i love to share good books with scott!


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