A Big Idea Scaled Down

Okay, early this morning I checked in over at Preschoolers and Peace (an excellent blog, by the way!) and read of her 101 in 1001 list. This is a list of 101 tasks that she plans to do in 1001 days. I spent the rest of the morning pondering this (and marvelling, really- that someone would be so ambitious!!!)

Amy and her boys came over later this morning and it was one of the first things she brought up, too- "Did you read Preschoolers and Peace yet this morning?" She had also been pondering this, and we were both inspired to do something!

So, after a little chatting, we decided to do something similar- by way of setting some goals, but to begin a little (okay, a LOT) smaller. So, our plan is to make a list of some tasks to accomplish over the next 3 months. We spent some time debating how to best do this (how to go about setting up some categories), and decided that we would define these tasks by going through each room of our homes. We concluded that we would set out to accomplish two things for each room:

1) Do something TO the room (clean or tackle something specifically)

2) Do something IN the room (a task that you may want to accomplish with your husband or children in that room. Ie- this is something more relational!)

So, here are the rooms we've selected:

Closet (time with Jesus!)
Kids' Room
Living Room
School Room *neither of us actually have a school room, but we wanted to include this category
Laundry Room

An example of this would be:

Kids' Room:
1) Organizing their clothes, getting rid of clothes they've outgrown
2) In the evening, once a week, go into our child(ren)s room(s), kneel by their beds and pray for them. (I'm thinking they will be sleeping, that way you can get some good solid, uninterrupted prayer time in!)

So... I'm working on establishing a list of tasks and in the next day or two will post my list.

Please join us in this venture- it would be fun to be doing this with others, too! :)

We're going to begin our 3 months on April 15th, so- this coming Saturday. In the meantime, join us in setting some goals (2 goals, per "room") for your own home!

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  1. Apr. 12, 2006 - This is so great!
    Posted by PreschoolersandPeace
    Good for you girls! I'll link to you so other moms can be encouraged. I also answered your question in the comments under today's entry on my blog.



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