Our alphabet pages

We're not actually homeschooling yet, as our oldest is only four. So instead of schoolwork we end up doing a lot of projects. The purpose behind this one was to help my daughter learn her letters and to have fun in the process. We go through the alphabet, one letter at a time (currently we're on P), and spend some time with scissors and magazines, cutting out all the P's we can find (we do capital letters) and all the pictures of things we can think of (or find) that begin with the letter P. Today our daughter (and daddy!) worked on her P-page. She starts by writing the letter on the page.

Then they found lots of P's as well as pictures of a puppy, peanut butter, pillows, peas, pants, paints, pizza, peaches and pens- all on a piece of pink paper. They even glued a penny on. When we finish a page we hang it up in our living room. (We're using 12x12 paper, though, so we're quickly running out of hanging room! :))

We have lots of fun with this. We did our F-page on a piece of foil. Whenever we can we cut out pictures of family and friends and put them on our pages, too! :)

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  1. Apr. 7, 2006 - Hi!
    Posted by Rebeca
    This is what I'm doing with my son too, only we have just begun. It's been so much fun already and I'd love to hear your ideas as you're ahead of me! I've been posting some of the things we've been doing.
    That's wonderful that you are blogging together.
    I'm adding you to my friends list.
    Bless you both,


    Apr. 7, 2006 - Reply to Rebeca
    Posted by reformingmama
    Thanks for leaving a comment! And that is so sweet of you to add us to your friends list! (Once we figure out how to have such a list, we'll add you to ours, too! :)) I've added your blog to my favorites page and so I'll stop by over there, too! :))


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