What is it with boys...?

What is it with boys and their inability to find things?! Today I was on the phone with- who else?- Amy, and she got interrupted at least twice with the request from her boys to find something (“Mama, where is the bat?” Her response: “I don’t know. I haven’t played with your bat.”) I get a real kick out of this since Amy is the only woman amongst her four, so she is asked this question MANY more times than I am in any given day!

It really is a gender thing. I can ask my four-year old daughter to find something and she promptly finds it and brings it to me. Tada! Mission accomplished.

I will ask my son (who is two and a half) to pick up the crayon right in front of his feet and he will spin around dazed and confused, like, “Huh? Where?” while my daughter and I are pointing and hollering, “Right there! No. Turn and face us. Now look at your feet. Your feet! Where are your feet? Point to your feet. Now: see the crayon?” And he stares at the ground in bewilderment. We all end up laughing and inevitably I get up, walk over to him, pick up the crayon and put it away.

My little guy also does this: I will say, holding an item, “Will you please take this into the kitchen?” He will take it and head to the kitchen, stop in the doorway, and then turn and ask, “This kitchen?” Um. Yep! (We only have the one!) He is the same with any room in the house. If you ask him to go anywhere in the house, he’ll stop and clarify: “This living room?”, or "This front door?"

I’m not really sure why he does this. Or why he can’t locate anything. But I sure love him. He is the cheeriest, sweetest, most affectionate, dearest little boy. And I could weep for the thought he will ever leave me. Okay, I can have that thought no longer. I will seriously start to cry.

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  1. Apr. 11, 2006 - It's true. We men can't find anything.
    Posted by Mike
    And we get lazier as our wives/mothers always seem to be able to find anything.

    It's a classic case of dependency. I can't find anything; Amy always knows where everything is. Why would I look for it when I can just ask her, and 95% of the time, she knows. I get more dependent on her household omniscience and she gets better at remembering where I put my wallet and keys. It's a beautiful picture of... well... why God said, "it is not good for man to be alone."


    Apr. 11, 2006 - LOL!
    Posted by jaminacema
    Before I had boys I was sure my dh's inability to find anything was his plan to never have to get up! I thought he figured once I knew he could never find anything I would just go get everything myself. Now that I have 2 sons I realize it's just a male thing! I love your description of the boy spinning around on top of the crayon and not being able to find his own feet! LOL I have witnessed that myself! Thanks God I hve 1 girl. I can send her anywhere for anything and she comes right back with exactly what I wanted. Loved your post!


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