The Fair

We try to make a yearly trek to the zoo, and I get so excited on the drive there I can barely stand it. I am WAY more into it than our kids as far as enthusiasm goes, I assure you. The elephants are my favorite, (especially if there are baby elephants in the herd). And the gorillas? I could watch the gorilla families for hours. I am not even kidding.

Now. Going to the fair tops even going to the zoo in my book.

And this, right here, is why:

That's right, folks.

The cow barn.

If I could watch the gorillas for hours, I could watch the cows for days. Some of you probably don't know this, but I really and truly want a cow. In my heart of hearts I want to buy me a cow, name her Bessie or Daisy or something cow-ish, tie a bell around her neck, and milk her every morning. I really do. Everytime we drive by a cow (which is quite often, actually) I get all sentimental and dream of my someday-cow.

One of the main reasons we dream of having land is so that yours truly can get herself a cow.

As I walked through the cow barn this year, I saw the sweetest sight: a girl of about 10 years old tucked in next to her cow, and they were napping together. I had to restrain myself from treading through the hay to find my spot there next to that sweet cow.

Did I mention I want a cow?

And do you even know how many gallons of milk you can get from ONE cow in ONE day? We asked. And we were told 8-9 gallons. Have any of you even LOOKED at the price of one gallon of milk these days?!?!?

So, see. We should all be wanting cows. But if you get one first, please do tell me so that I can come and milk her for you. Really.

And oh, yeah. As I glance up at the "title" of this post I see that I was going to write about the fair. There were other parts, too. Other than the cows. I'll try to remember my other fond memories of our fair trip and give you a The Fair: Part Two post soon.


  1. You really ARE a farm girl at heart, aren't you friend? Well, here's hoping that one day you get your Bessie. I do think we could really save some money on organic milk if we had a cow! But, I don't ever see me wanting a cow that bad. ;)

  2. You crack me up! See I am the person who would like to live next to you to help you drink the 8-9 gallons a day.... while my goats eat my front yard so I don't have to mow. I also would like chickens. I grew up practically on a farm (my grandparents had the farm) and loved it...I think it's why I cannot stand the city to this day.

  3. I truly hope you get your cow someday! I like cows too... although not quite as much as you! We had one named Mrs. Moo when I was a girl, who provided us with lots of creamy milk.
    We didn't make it to the fair this year, maybe next. How are your chickens doing... any more layers?
    Bless you,

  4. I do hope that you get a cow one day, Stacy! And yes, I have just realized that milk is extremely expensive. My little one is about to turn one and switch to whole milk -- and one gallon is almost FOUR dollars!!!!

    I agree, maybe we should all want cows!

  5. LOL! I've always dreamed of a sweet little red cow with huge eyes named Humphrey (yes, for a cow - haha!). The best part is dh milked cows for a local farm while in high school, so we are all set. Just need a Humphrey now... Love, Q

  6. You ABSOLUTELY crack me up about this cow thing!!I will definitely add some cow adventure to your trip to IN! yes?????

    I, too, hope you have your Bessie someday!


  7. How funny! Our church bought a 240 acre property with an indoor riding arena and stables (the property just happened to have this) and since it is for people in crisis we think having animals there will be very therapeutic. My mom wants a little donkey, but I will have to suggest a cow!

  8. I wish you had a cow too so we could share your milk!
    As we contemplate what animals to get, here are my cow concerns:
    a) can i really add milking to my job description?
    b) cows have VERY big poop
    and c) I admit, I am nervous about feeding my kids unpasturized milk. Is it safe for little ones? I have heard it is if they only ever have that, but what if they don't start until 4?
    But, you are cute and funny about this!
    We should have made our apartment bigger, then you could live there and have your cow!
    love ya,

  9. Amy,
    a) you can teach your kids to milk and they can help you! OR... hire a milker! :) maybe those people who rent out your apartment? it can be part of their rental agreement? *grin*
    b) mmhmmm... but VERY big poop makes VERY good fertilizer. right?
    c) well, ya know mark grew up on this kind of milk so i don't have these qualms. BUT that's not to say i won't research it a bit. you should ask the farmers at your church about that.

  10. Well, that's my point. (Regarding asking the farmers). They have all had it ALL their lives so their bodies get used to the little bit of bacteria that may be in there. But we give our kids pasturized milk sans bacteria for a couple years and then all of a sudden our own, I worry if their bodies can handle it.
    Anyway, I can simply google it. I was just sharing what rattle in my brain when I think about a cow.
    I like the rental agreement idea!
    Love all the pictures!


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