First egg!


  1. Yipee! Well done girls. (

  2. and in the right spot too? grat job. So, what did you do with it? Fried, scrambled, omlet or raw?

  3. Wohoo! It looks so clean. Do they come out that clean??

  4. Now that is awesome! Your daughter looks pretty pleased with her hen.

  5. Oops. I actually do know how to spell great!
    :) Amy

  6. Amy-
    I know! We were so proud she knew right what to do and where to put it! As for what we did with it, we admired it for a full day and then today fried it up, sunny-side up, and ate it! We all had a bite. It was YUMMY!
    ps- I really hope you guys get chickens next year. Your boys would love this!

    Cindy- We're totally new at this whole chicken thing, so my one-egg experience won't tell you much. I didn't need to clean this egg at all- it was spotless and even warm when we got it out of the nesting box. (But I have heard that sometimes you will need to gently wipe them down.) We'll see.

    Oh my goodness-- she was *so* pleased with her hen! She went straight over to her and cooed, "That's just what you're supposed to do, Dora! Great job." ~smile~


  7. Congratulations. Brown are my favorite.

  8. How exciting! I remember how excited we were to get our first eggs from our chickens last year.

    It looks like a beauty.

  9. Yahoo- you are definitely a woman of MANY talents!

    Your chickens look sweet-we had mean ones who lived at our neighbors house before we moved here...couldn't go out in OUR yard without a weapon to protect ourselves with(broom, garbage can lid)...many times Bella would come inside with her leg dripping with blood. ;-(

    Glad Ella can hold yours and that soon you will be making omelets!

    good job!


  10. Somehow I missed this oh-so-exciting post! Yippee!! Way to go Dora! I'm sure the others will start soon. We've had two laying for a while, and just yesterday a third joined in the fun. The weird thing is, the two both lay in the same box! But I'm not complaining. :>


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