Note to self:

Do not go into any stores with the kids from now until mid-November.

Why? Because we went out this morning and seriously, those Halloween displays keep getting scarier and scarier. Grr. Makes me mad. My son was terrified after being greeted by the HUGE mummy groaning at him when we walked in the front door of the store. Not to mention all the skeletons with glowing eyes. He spent the entire time in the cart, with his eyes covered and head down. I told him I was very thankful that he was being careful; and reminded him of that little song my mom taught me and I've taught my children: "Oh be careful little eyes what you see..."


Which reminds me... the other day at the fair we walked through the horse barn and the owners had the stalls all decked out in various themes. One entire section was Halloween-themed. As we walked by, Ella's eyes got wide and she said, "Mommy? I don't think these horses know Jesus."


  1. Seriously. What is WITH all the yucky scary stuff?!?! One of the main tourist attractions over here is a place called the London Dungeon. Absolutely gross stuff! And it is so popular. Don't get it. Really don't get it.

    About Ella's comment...obviously a brilliant evanglistic gift already developing! ;)


  2. Tell me about it. My boy was born on Halloween, so we get all the comments. But I guess it just gives us an excuse to celebrate LIFE not death!

  3. I am beginning to think avoiding stores completely is a good way to go for a plethera of reasons!

  4. I'm with you...our Sam's wholesale club has ghosts, witches, mummies, all very huge and life like...definitely want to avoid those with the kids.

    It really is a dark holiday, my family doesn't celebrate it...I got saved out of the occult and now chose to have no association with it. Instead we go to a non-dress up Harvest party on the 31st at our church...we usually have 150-200, prizes, the glory of God. I encourage all of you to consider setting up something similar in your church...honestly my kids don't miss a view is if they want to dress up (in something that isn't an abmonination to God)...then they have 364 other days in which to do it.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  5. I am with you on that one, sister. Why do the creepies have to get taller and taller every year? It used to be just a mask only in the costume isle, now they are life size and all over the store. It just goes to show where the "world's" priority's lie. Where is the life size Jesus at Christmas time or even just a life size cross for Easter?


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