Saw this movie last night...

...and really enjoyed it. Very cute.

What was the last best movie (or video) that you saw?


  1. We just watched The Last Sin Eater on dvd. It was pretty good - Justin even liked it. One of my all time favorites that I always recommend 'cause not many have seen it is The World's Fastest Indian. It is a MUST see!

  2. We just rented on pay-per-view The Prestige. Pretty good! I love a movie night with my man! :) They are too few and far between! Any other good ones to pass on??

  3. Cutzi-
    We liked The Last Sin Eater, too! :) Did you read the book? I loved the book so was excited to hear about the movie: it did not disappoint.

    I'll have to check out The Prestige. And I'll let you know if I think of any others. We actually rarely go to movies or even rent them so I'm not your best recommend-er. Stay tuned, though. Hopefully others will comment about their favorites!


  4. I saw this same movie last night...isn't that funny. :o) I rarely go to the movies but a friend took me out.

  5. This movie is a remake of a german film called "Mostly Martha" - that was a wonderful movie. I can't imagine that the American remake is nearly as good. :) You should see if you can find the original!

    (I'm going to see the remake too and see what I think.)

  6. I haven't even heard of it. I am not up on what movies are out. We live an hour from a theater. (I had to look up theater, it didn't look right...did you know you can spell it er or re? Didn't know that.)

  7. We watched Facing the Giants with the kids last night. For what it is, I liked it. The acting is just OK but the message is great.
    Saw National Treasure again too. Love that one. And Miss Potter. Lot's of people are blogging on that. Loved it.
    And we talked into Princess Bride. So not my humor. My husband though was rolling!
    And the Queen - good. A little slow but still worth seeing.
    Thanks for the tip on this one. I'll check it out.

  8. in the last six months, my favorite has been..."stranger than fiction"...brilliant film. the one that referred dana and family to "the princess bride" it blows the competition away...

  9. The last best movie I saw at the theater was "Once"--an "indie" flick. You can probably google it. I loved it.

    We've been getting the "Planet Earth" series from Netflix. They are so great!!!

  10. Tonia,
    Yes! My foreign film-savvy friend (who I saw this movie with) told me this. And she said while she loved the remake, the original was indeed better. I do hope to rent it.

    *grin* Yes! I did know that about spelling theater/re :) I rarely see movies in the theater, either, anymore.

    I've heard good things about Facing the Giants. Mark would love it. And we saw National Treasure awhile back. I want to see Miss Potter. OH MY. I CANNOT STAND THE PRINCESS BRIDE. There. I said it. It was all the rage when I was in college and everyone was watching it for the hundredth time and memorizing lines from it and I just do not get the attachment to the movie. I just don't think it's funny.

    Hm. Stranger Than Fiction, huh? Haven't heard of that one. I'll look into it. But I have to say, the title doesn't appeal to me. But since you say it's brilliant, I promise to read the back of the DVD box at the very least to see if I might be interested. But then again, you're a Princess Bride fan, so... huh. Maybe not.

    Thanks for your recommendations! :)

    Blessings to all of you!

  11. I thought "Stranger than fiction" was interesting and fun. It was a neat idea and entertaining to watch. I don't love Will Farrell but this was not his usual fare.
    My two cents,

  12. Just saw "Live Free or Die Hard."
    Likely to be considered a Guy Movie, but any ladies who've enjoyed the tv series "24" might like this movie if in the proper mood.
    Pretty much, Bruce Willis plays a bald Jack Bauer and tries to save the U.S. from certain LESS than 24 hours.
    (p.s. thanks for visiting my site, "Honey, I Fed The Kids," which ALSO features a bald guy.)

  13. "Miss Potter" about Beatrix Potter's life. I thought it was quite sweet!


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