Anyone else thinking about Christmas gifts?

I sure am.

In fact, I have many gifts knocked off my list already. I so love it when I can enter into the holiday season with much of the shopping done. We have gifts for all of our children (well, except for Adelia, but she's not picky), as well as birthday gifts for a few family members and our children during that season.

Here's a blog I've been checking regularly for crafty ideas: Crazy Mom Quilts

She's posting a series of tutorials for easy Christmas gifts to make. So if you have a crafty streak, check it out. :)


  1. Christmas, so not on my radar but should be.
    I browsed her blog and it was so fun. I am a quilting wanna be and maybe I will learn something. With sewing I tend to get scared off because I don't want to mess it up.
    Lame I know.

  2. Great to meet another September Christmas shopper! I have a few presents already, picked up some great summer sale bargains getting beautiful things we couldn't normally afford to give to two of my sister in laws, and starting to pick up bits and pieces for the boys and Nick.

    Great link for me too :-) - I have just started to make a quilt each for the boys for Christmas!

  3. I am! I am! I haven't gotten any yet but I have begun thinking about them. I have even purchased Adia's Christmas dress already. I'll have to check out that link. My problem is that I *often* purchase gifts early, hide them and then forget about them when Christmas rolls around. Not good.

    Did you see the little magnets on Angry Chicken recently. I'm going to make a few batches of those to give away for sure.

  4. Not as much as I should be, but a little. I'm making aprons for many on my list, and have bought some of the fabric, and have one cut out. Mmmm, yeah, I'd better get on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Oh, man! Is it time for that already? I'm a Scrooge about shopping - I really don't like buying things for other people! What if they don't like it?!?!?!?! :-)

  6. How can I answer your question....without crying and wringing my hands?

    I can't. haha.

    No, I'm not prepared and with buying a new home...things will be tight.

  7. Yes! I have the men in my extended family (8) finished and am about to start work on the women (10) Now my own household... not so much. :) I have purchased a few "stocking stuffers" for the kids, but everything else is homemade this year - the start of hopefully a new tradition.

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  9. Waaaaaaah! I need to be doing this too. I have a few things and a few ideas, but we have b-days coming up right around due date time, and I've been trying to prepare for that as well.

  10. oh. I am SO there with you.
    It started innocently enough... with blown budgets at Christmastime - and then I learned the year that I started a handmade retail business that I needed December to be for making and shipping everyone ELSE's gifts out - and then, we lived far, so i had to ship gifts early... and THEN, I had my first baby in October and got spooked.
    So, now?
    well. most of my shopping is done.
    not wrapped, like the year I had my baby and was freaked I'd never breathe again... but I will likely have all the making and shopping done by November 1.
    It's weird... but really, it makes the holidays so much more fun for me... I like to handmake a lot of my gifts, so this way I have time!


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