The look of the blog

If you've made your way over here lately, you'll see that my blog looks a little different. A few days ago everything that was pretty {all that color! the hydrangea photo! the cute fonts!} disappeared, and I have not been able to recover it, so I've now got a pretty simple look going on.

A new blog design is in the works, and I'm really excited about it, but in the meantime, sorry for all that whiteness you're seeing. :(


  1. The whiteness doesn't bother me...I'm a simple girl. But you did have a very 'simply pretty' blog.

    Who are you using? I've hinted to hubby that a blog makeover would be a nice b'day gift, but I would have no idea where to actually go...

  2. It's the words, pictures and heart that I come here for anyway. :o)

    Hope you have a beautiful day in this sunshine...such a blessing this time of year.

  3. Right, I agree with's your words, pictures, and heart that I come for here!! And *you*!!! =)

  4. Change is fun...looking forward to see what is in your heart and therefore on your page to be ;-) I am sure it will be lovely, just like you my friend.


  5. Awww.. thank you, sweet friends.


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