Mama Monday

I regularly read Andrea's blog The Flourishing Mother, and am so often encouraged by her posts. She has a wonderful series of Mama Monday posts, where she has thoughtfully interviewed other mothers. It is a great group of women, and I am honored that this week I get to join that group!

If you would like to head over to The Flourishing Mother, you can read my responses to her questions in her Mama Monday post.

{Thank you, sweet Andrea!}


  1. My day without the kids would look so similar.....I could have written it myself except the sewing part :o)

    And now, we know all about about my use of smiley faces :o)

    Really enjoyed reading this, friend.

  2. I enjoyed learning more about you Stacy. Your family and loved ones are so blessed by you.

  3. Stace. I LOVED reading this! How fun to read your answers to these questions and learn some new things.

    I agree with the others that you are wonderful!
    I too love that you are always striving. And I love even more that you are learning more and more about receiving God's grace.

    I have never read the two books you recommend. {I intend to remedy that.}

    I want to do "Stacy day" with you.

    You described how parenting points out our sins perfectly. Well written.

    I love that you mentioned "glorified pajamas." It made me smile.

  4. LOVED it!! Agree with everything Andrea said about you!! :) I love reading your ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Stacy's husband, MarkSeptember 21, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    Very nice introduction of you by Andrea. It always makes me proud of you when I see that others are benefiting from your wisdom, honesty and sharing on your blog.

    I sure do love you.
    - Mark

  6. Awww... just back from being out of town (and away from the computer) and I am greeted by all these nice things you all said! :) Thank you!!!


    I like you! I think we'd be grand friends! The worst part about smiley faces is that on some people's blogs they turn these :) into actual bright yellow smiley faces, and then my over-use of them suddenly seems overkill. :)


    Thank you! :)

    I almost called *you* to find out what word I should use to describe myself! Of course, you know me too well so I may have ended up with a word like, "Complainer" or something. *grin*

    You are so sweet and thank you for being such a faithful commenter! I *love* comments! :)

    My sweet husband~
    Hey. Even you beat me back to my blog! I sure love you, too, honey!


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