Memory work box

Our Memory work box is one of my favorite homeschooling tools, and I am so very thankful to Kendra for the idea! This box holds most of what we do for our daily Circle Time* (school we're all doing together).

Last year this is what we worked on:
Mon: verses, catechism
Tues: verses, 10 commandments
Wed: verses, states
Thurs: verses, landmark cards
Fri: verses, art cards
Sat: OT/NT books of the Bible (review)
I upgraded our Memory work box to a larger size this year, and I love it.

(Notice our theme verse, right there in front?)

Here is what lies behind those tabs for our 2010/11 school year:
Monday: Catechism questions
Tuesday: Ten Verses cards (also Kendra's idea. I'll share more about this in my next post.)
Wednesday: Romans 12:9-21, our theme passage
Thursday: Sign Language cards, and I am SO coming back to that topic, in just a minute.
Friday: The Apostle's Creed, and after we memorize that: some Family Rules Mark and I are working on.
Now. The sign language cards: I am super excited about these, so if you'll bear with me I'm going to rant about them for a minute. I wanted so much to have something visual for the kids in our memory work box because of how much they really enjoyed the pictorial Landmark Cards last year, but I couldn't think of anything similar to that for *this* year. I briefly considered doing a Greek or Hebrew alphabet, but I just couldn't really get pumped about that. Then I wondered: "...Maybe I could find some sign language alphabet flash cards..."

Imagine my delight, then, when not only could I find some sign language flash cards, but I found SIGNING TIME flash cards (!), with pictures of Alex and Leah and Hopkins and Rachel on them, no less! Which thrills me to no end because not only do my older kids adore Signing Time (and have for years), but even Adelia (2), is into them. The faces of Alex, Leah and Rachel are pretty beloved around here, so they are going to LOVE these!!! (But shh! It's still a surprise to them, so don't say a word!)

I bought two sets.

I just now remembered that I had planned to post a bit more about our theme passage in this post, but it's late and this is already a long post, so I'll get to that next time.

*The whole concept of Circle Time came from Preschoolers and Peace.

*More about what Circle Time looks like in our home, here. (Or you can just click on the "Circle Time" label on the sidebar and it will bring up any other posts I've noted as Circle Time posts.)


  1. Fun! I love how easy it is for them to memorize such wonderful things. A couple months ago I decided to teach Ava the Lord's prayer. Instead she showed me that she already has it memorized! (From hearing it in church every Sunday)

    So I wanted to organize our memory work more like you do this year. I went to target to buy the hard plastic box but they didn't have any. I was bummed because I did not have time to go anywhere else.

    Anyway, fun stuff!

  2. Fun! I like how your Circle Time is organized in such a simple way. I have some Signing Time videos waiting for me on the library holds shelf right now. We've never experienced them before, so I'm excited to get my hands on them!

  3. How wonderful and how organized. I am praying God helps me get more organized this year, as I want to have peace, joy and lots of fun along the way.

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed with teaching this year, though it is year 15 for us...I've never taught someone who doesn't know English and our newest 13 year old from Ethiopia needs LOTS of help...along with the 7,8 and 9 year old and the 2 year old...and the 15 year old who would rather read than do her curriculum, sigh.

    Pray for me would you?

    thanks for sharing.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. Hmmm...I'm really going to have to look into those sign language cards. My kids LOVE signing time! All four of them even Benjamin who is not yet two thinks it is a treat when we bring home one from the library.

  5. Amy~

    I know! They are such sponges at this age! I'm taking full advantage of it. :) Hooray Ava! :)

    Shucks about the box... :( You gotta go to Office Max or Office Depot or some place like that... I wish I would have known... I could have bought TWO!


    Oh, you guys will love Signing Time. They are truly so much fun!


    You will, Kimmie! He will SURELY equip you for the year ahead! I will pray for you right this minute, and more as the Lord brings you to mind. You can do it!


    Yep! Here, too. Adelia even knows a few of the songs. It's pretty cute. :)

  6. I love, love it!
    Looks great and easy to pull off which is half the battle! We are up and running too though it doesn't look nearly as cute.
    Press on!

  7. Hey Stacy! I'm so excited that you are sharing all this....THANK YOU! Are your landmark cards from last year still in use? Do you rent things out? :) Happy learning! Love, Jess

  8. Thank you, Dana!

    (Fun! A comment from you!)
    I have an extra set of Landmark cards. Email me your address and I'll send them to you!

  9. You humble me, friend- both by your kind nods to Circle Time and by your beautiful and artistic approach. I love what you do!


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