Why do Copywork?

In the process of planning and preparing for this coming school year, I re-examined those things that I want to be doing, and remembered all over again why we're doing them to begin with.

Copywork is one of those things.

Here are the reasons we are doing Copywork in our home:

*Copywork allows our children to see proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.
*Copywork introduces them to new vocabulary.
*Copywork improves their handwriting.
*Carefully selected copywork gives our children the opportunity to reflect on worthy passages/quotes.

* * *

Here is one of our Copywork selections:
Be the living expression of God's kindness;
kindness in your face,
kindness in your eyes,
kindness in your smile,
kindness in your warm greeting.

~Mother Teresa
I love this. What a wonderful quote for my daughter to meditate on as she copies these words!

Next up: How we're doing it.


  1. I came to the copywork party late...I'm loving it! Even older children benefit for the reasons you mention.

    Another recent favorite is dictation. I read out of a favorite book or the Bible and the kids have to 'keep up' with me. I speak a tad slower, but this is great practice for a college professor who doesn't care if your hand is cramping. :)

  2. We do copywork on an "as-needed" basis. If there happens to be a day, where there is not a lot of actual writing, I will have the kids do copywork.

    I have found, with Rod&Staff English, there is already a lot of writing, so my girls just aren't doing as much copywork...maybe just our memory verse, sometime in the few weeks we are working on it...kinda sad, copywork was part of our day for 2 1/2 years, and you're so right, it's a great way to instill morals/values/great quotes into their memories.

    Right now, Connor is copying his Cub Scout Promise and his Law of the Pack, since he needs to have those memorized next week.

  3. as a homeschool mom i have found myself evaluating why/how we do things very often (maybe too much). it's good though. i think if makes me more purposeful.
    i love your verse cards in your previous post. thanks for sharing some about your homeschool.

  4. I think copywork is great. My seven-year old does some everyday. I love to see the improvements in her handwriting through the year! As well as hearing recite all the wonderful quotes and scripture she has memorized as a result!


  5. What a great way to incorporate all the things you mentioned! Elisa is just learning to write now so I look forward to when she can put it all together in the future with valuable lessons!

  6. Excellent!!
    Too often we lose our enthusiasm or become discontent because we've forgotten "why" or we never knew "why" to begin with. Being able to articulate "why" is so important.


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