But then it comes over me, even while I'm panicking-- that inexplicable, doesn't-make-sense-at-the-time, peace-that-passes-understanding feeling. Todd and I step up to the edge, hold hands, and jump, by offering the girls a permanent home...

Taking in two teenage girls with their background and our lack of experience could have been a disaster, but God promises to be the father to the fatherless. He has in every way coparented with us. When we've needed wisdom, he has given it, and when we've needed patience or grace, he has always supplied it in abundance.

In those early days, when we struggled with communication and with the obstacles their past put in our way, I reminded myself that it was God's desire that we be a family and he brought us together. I clung to Colossians 1:17: 'He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.'

I wish I could say that following God's will in building our family led to many sweet days, that we sat around holding hands all the time. The truth is our God cared so much about their healing that he was interested in doing whatever it took to bring their hurt spots to the surface.

And we had a front-row seat.

~ Beth Guckenberger, Reckless Faith

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  1. I'm glad you shared this here. I thought it was great when you read it aloud to me, and I love the line, "God care so much about their healing..."

    Thanks for sharing.


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