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I'm afraid I've lost some of you with those last two heart-heavy, lengthy posts regarding fears and attachment. (Are you doing okay with all of this?) Please know that if you've commented this month on any post, I have prayed for you by name and will continue to.

* * *

We're in the middle of a month-long focus on adoption and foster care, and with this post, I'm switching gears from adoption to the topic of foster care.

Our own experience as foster care parents is limited-- but that doesn't mean I didn't write extensively about it! We became licensed foster parents with the hope of being able to then adopt a child from our state. Licensed and waiting, we decided to do some short-term, interim care since we did not yet have a referral (or any on the horizon), and there was a great need in our community.

Ella and Baby B

Our first little foster child~ a girl~ was brought to us at just five weeks old, and she spent one month with our family. Some of you will remember her as Baby "B". She would have been with us much longer, but we received Adelia's referral at the end of that first month. There was an overlap for a few days when both girls were with us at the same time, until another placement could be arranged for Baby B.

Our two foster babies, Baby B and Adelia

Then we said goodbye to Baby B and welcomed Adelia into our home. We fostered Adelia for 8 months until we were able to adopt her. And that's the extent of our foster care experience.

I shared about our foray into foster care with Baby B in the following posts, for anyone who is interested:

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We are currently in the process of renewing our foster care license, and we sincerely hope to be able to foster other children in the future.

Since we're not currently fostering, though, I want to introduce you to someone who is, and who has more experience in the realm of foster care. I'll begin with the post One Foster Mom's Story, Part 1, coming up on Monday.


  1. Dear Stacy, I have been silent since the first post but don't worry, you haven't lost me. :-) I've simply been reading, pondering, praying, and absorbing everything. I just now read through all the previous blog posts you linked to telling the beautiful story of precious Baby B. And I cried and cried and cried. And my heart is aching tonight for all the children who don’t have anyone to hold them and love them. I've been mediating the last week on the verses you shared...knowing that we as believers have a God-mandated responsibility regarding these little ones, but not yet sure where or how our family will fit into that. I remember when we were newly married and our hearts were challenged by the Great Commission and we didn't have any idea where to begin or what role He would have us in. But He was faithful to lead us across the ocean to where we are now, and continues daily to provide for us in every way. And I know He will do the same in the area of fostering or adopting – faithfully show us what the next step is. Thank you so much for your honesty, for your compassion, and for your heart. With love, Sarah.

  2. oooohhh, I'm so excited to read that you are in the process of renewing your foster care license!! That's WONDERFUL!

  3. Two Sarahs! :)

    Sarah 1~
    Oh, good (~whew~) I thought maybe those last two posts were too heavy and everyone was scared away. :) Thank you for your comment.

    And yes-- you said it so well, Sarah- we may not know what that's supposed to look like for us, yet, but He is ever faithful to lead us!

    Sarah 2~
    We're excited, too!

  4. Oh, don't forget that you had Baby B's sister for that one afternoon... when you had company ... and then your mom stopped by too ... and the boys were shoving beads waaaay up their noses ... and all chaos broke loose. That was something.

  5. *grin*

    I remember it all too well, honey! :) Wasn't that good preparation, though-- that one day-- for the next YEAR (plus!) of my life with our two? And only *one* boy shoved a bead up his nose. And it might have been a marble, not a bead. ~shudder~ I've blocked that out.

    Love to you, honey.

  6. I so enjoyed reading about your foster care journey. I think I read all the link that you posted and was/am so moved by your story of Baby B.

  7. Foster care has blessed us and changed us and challenged us in so many ways, I sometimes wonder if God did it as much to change us as to help another child.

  8. Kristin~
    Thank you.

    Us, too!! :)


  9. WOW.... Adelia DOES look so much like our little Lexie. (Or vise versa). I want to read all the blog links, hopefully sometime soon, when I have a couple extra minutes.


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