God's Heart for the Orphan: Our Response

Life lived by faith, in obedience to God's Word, is an adventure. My tidy little world was pretty rocked throughout our international adoption process. We had no money to speak of. We had daunting piles of paperwork and forms to be exactly filled out. We had appointments to make (social workers, home study, fingerprints, doctors, etc). None of these are my favorite things. Some people thrive on that kind of organizational nightmare challenge. Not me. There were delays and setbacks (pretty much a given with all international adoptions) and then there was the great unknown: who would our child be? We literally had no idea who we would end up with, what that child's history was, or what that child's future would entail.

Why go through it at all? Well, there is this. And as if that wasn't enough, then there is this verse, too, that I could not shake at the time- nor since that time, from Luke (12:48):

From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

That is us. We have been given so much. There are children in this world who have been abandoned, orphaned, and who have no one to care for their basic needs, let alone anyone to love them. There is a huge need and we are able to do something about it! At the time we really felt (and still do feel) a huge sense of responsibility. God has blessed us so abundantly. There was no question to us where God stands on the matter, and so now it came down to this: What would our response be?

I am convinced that is has to be *something*. I do not think we can sidestep this issue. I'm not saying that everyone should adopt or become a foster parent, but I think the Bible is clear on the fact that we must care for the orphan, somehow. That can look differently for each person/couple/family, yes. But the fact remains that it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to do this.

Here's the thing: it is a huge step of obedience and faith. HUGE. But: you do not go it alone. He is with you, He is with you, He is with you.

One of the best things for me during each of our adoptions was that, when all was said and done~ I was closer to Jesus than ever before. In fact-- although I may have complained just a wee bit about the process itself (okay, so... a LOT bit), and although I was overwhelmed *many* times through it all, and really and truly full of fear at times.... when those final papers were signed and it was a done deal? I was sad to have it end, because it was a thrilling ride. Not the paperwork, no. But the turning to Jesus at each new roadblock. The utter dependence upon God through it all. The I-don't-know-what-You're-doing-here-Lord-but-I-trust-You-anyway kind of faith. Praying fervently and then watching Him work. Trusting and seeing Him deliver. It is invigorating, that kind of faith. (Don't you want that? Don't you long for that kind of relationship with Jesus? I do!)

Next up: Fears About Adoption and Fostering


  1. "Don't you long for that kind of relationship with Jesus?"

    Yes, yes, yes!

  2. wow Stacey you have really challenged me. Aaron and I have never talked about adoption. Aaron's Mum was adopted as a child and has had quite a negative experience, so that has always affected us I think. Also, we have moved about so much (USA, Canada, now UK, then who know??) that we've felt unstable ourselves, so would find it hard to bring a person into that instability (especially if they have been moved about in foster care before, etc). Do you know if foster agencies allow people without a permanent home to adopt? I'm just curious.
    Anyway, I think I will ask Aaron to talk about this with me this week. Thanks for this series on adoption. I can't wait to hear more from others.
    I'm so proud of you by the way. You really are God's hands in the world and I LOVE that about you. :-)

  3. Cara~ You're my kind of girl. :)

    Lucy~ Hello, sweet Lucy! That's sad that Aaron's mom had such a negative experience. :( Of course that would affect your view of adoption in general.
    I'm not sure about the foster care question-- I would guess that if you were "parked" somewhere for a year or more and were licensed, they would place a child with you. (But that's just a guess...) I know that they are always desperate for families- so they would likely try to make it work!
    Love to you and Aaron, Lucy (and sweet Eleanor, too!)

  4. (oh: and thank you for your kind words, friend!)

  5. This is so where I am right now. Knowing and feeling that responsibility but just not sure what that means for us. He will show us.

    I have had several friends adopt in my IRL too. Not to sound negative but it's no walk in the park and though I feel bad about it....I just get scared. Then I am reminded that I don't have grace for tomorrow yet but He will provide it. The timing of this is pretty amazing for me. He is always at work eh? Know that God WILL use this in many peoples lives, my friend.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I know God has been speaking to my husband and I about fostering or adopting lately. We are just not sure what it will look like yet! We were talking about this earlier, and my husband said, God's timing is perfect. I need to remember that when I get impatient to get things started :)


  7. Sandi~
    Yes. He will show you. Love to you and prayers *for* you!

    It is so exciting-- when we were talking about it I was anxious to get started, too! But yes-- God will lead you in His time!

  8. We are asking these questions right now. November is stirring our hearts. We are asking God what our repsonse as a family should be and I am SO beyond thankful to get to come here and read your story. Thankyou for sharing with those of us that are just venturing into this!

  9. Kristen~
    YAY! (((Love to you, Kristen!)))


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