Book recommendation (for boys!)

Isaac would like to recommend this book:


He got it for his birthday, read it in two days, and loved it.


And since it can be difficult to find good books for boys?  I'm recommending it to you.  This is the fourth and final book in a series written by Andrew Peterson.

What are your boys reading and liking?


  1. Ooh, great choice! I have just received this for my birthday and am soo looking forward to getting to the end of the saga! I also just finished reading the first book with my three and they loved every page of it. We had never heard of Andrew Peterson till he came over to London and performed in our local church - now we are huge fans of his books and even more so of his music!
    Heather in the UK

    1. Heather- YES! We love AP's music, too. Huge fans, here. :)

  2. Jack is in the middle of the 100 Cupboards series and the Ashtown Burials series, both by N.D. Wilson, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I recently assigned him George Washington's Socks and George Washington's Spy for school and he enjoyed those too. Thank Isaac for his recommendation!

    1. I think we've read George Washington's Spy, too. Sounds familiar. Our boys haven't read ND Wilson, yet... the last time Mark proofed them for the boys (a few years ago?) we had decided they were too young still. But we'll have to get them again! And Mark is reading the LOTR series, slowly, over time, to all of us. :) Love to you and your Jack, Jodi! :)


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