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It's been a crazy day (which is pretty much our normal, I guess) but we had a few extra challenges tossed in today which have made it even more crazy.  (Beginning with the fact that I did NOT get up early this morning so I've been running to catch up all day long.)  Hence, a post that is mainly pictures:

One day last week we'd had a particularly rough day (evidenced by the fact that I was already in tears by 8:30 in the morning).  I felt like I needed to escape, so after a couple hours of school, I packed the kids up, picked up fast food, and we headed to the water.  The kids were able to wade, throw rocks and get out some energy, and I was able to breathe.

Ella was hunched over like this- completely still, for about thirty minutes, holding out a french fry to this seagull.  The seagull finally took it from her hand.  She was so thrilled.



And here on the home front, the kids have dug a huge hole in our finished-for-the-season garden, and now there are whole battles being fought out there.  :)


They are having so much fun with this.

Okay.  I'm off to help the kids get lunch, then it's quiet times (bliss!), and then it will be time to prep dinner already.  We have small group tonight, and then I'm looking forward to sitting down with Mark to watch The Voice.  

How is your day going?

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  1. Ha ha - I had to laugh when I saw those green men - I just walked past our bath tub which looks the same (fortunately without the soil :-))


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