Organizing Homeschool Papers

It has taken me several years to settle on a method for organizing all the kids' school work.  I used to do it this way.

I have since simplified.  Now each child gets one binder a year.

Our binders reside on the bottom shelf of a hutch in our living room.

This year I even found some colored binders at Costco, which saved me the time of adding colored or patterned paper to differentiate between kids.  (Audra still has patterned paper for hers.)

I made a Table of Contents for each child:


And pages dividing each section listing the subject:


The Table of Contents vary for each child.  The little girls have a Kindergarten section and a Calendar section.  Isaias has a section for Spelling, while the older two have Dictation.)

This is the best way I've found to organize all the papers that accumulate with homeschooling!

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