Last night Mark helped me rearrange the living room.  We pulled all the furniture in around the fireplace, in anticipation of upcoming cold nights with a crackling fire.  It was only last autumn that we got our chimney fixed, so we were able to light fires for the first time in the fifteen years we've lived here.  I am getting so anxious for the temperatures to drop so that we can have the warmth and coziness of a fire again!

(my apologies for the dim photos.  our living room doesn't get much light due to the trees in our neighborhood)

Tucked behind the couches is a table we've set up just for puzzles.  (There's also a puzzle board beneath one of our couches with another working puzzle on it, that we'll pull up and out onto the ottoman when Mark reads aloud at nights.)  It's one of our traditions during the fall/winter seasons.  

I love our home.  I am so thankful for it. 


  1. I love how you arranged the furniture … and can't wait to come sit in front of the fire with you (when you invite me, of course! (: Your room looks so cozy and warm - and I love the little table for puzzle making.

  2. looks cozy and inviting. love your puzzle table. unfortunately our cats would love it too, no puzzle tables for us.

    enjoy your fireplace and all that beautiful family time.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


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