I am trying to sneak in as many minutes as possible reading this.  (I've just discovered it's not worth trying to read while on the treadmill.


If you're not already in the know, Charles Martin is one of my favorite authors.  Because I love a good story, and I sort of marvel at the gifts God has given this man to tell a story.  (Click here, here, here, or here for previous posts where I've recommended his books.) The book in the above photo is his latest. 

I do realize there are other things I need to do today.  First up, devotions.  Then breakfast, Bible, memory work, spelling, read-aloud, history, narrations, math and cursive.  Some chores.  Dinner.  But I am going to try to read, too.  :)

What's the last good book you read? 

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  1. Might you be willing to share your new and improved (smile) schedule for this year? What you've decided on for history and the like? Are you doing family history? Are the kids assigned certain things? etc., etc. ... How's it all playing out this year? :) Love seeing how you guys are doing!


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