Summer fiction, anyone?

I just finished an excellent book called Chasing Fireflies, by Charles Martin. If you've not yet read any of his books, it's high time you do. I read his first novel, The Dead Don't Dance, a couple of years ago. That first read and every one since has been a book I simply could not put down. Martin is a master storyteller. His characters are so rich you don't want to say goodbye to them when you get to the end of the book. I really can't say enough about his writing, so do find out for yourself.

The other great fiction book I've read in the last couple of months is this one: Quaker Summer, by Lisa Samson.

I just recently discovered Samson's books and so thoroughly enjoyed her writing that I will be reading everything she writes from here on out. Samson is refreshingly candid and funny-- there were times she had me laughing out loud. Not only that, but this book made me think, too. You can read a review here.

What are your book recommendations? Fiction or non-fiction, I'll take 'em!


  1. Hey Stacy,

    You probably already know this but Lisa Samson has a blog called Author Intrusion. I love what she does with the topic of social justice. Check it out! BTW, did you notice from my blog that I'm really getting into fiction. Aren't you proud?!? ;)

  2. I couldn't recommend anything yet cause most of the books i read lately are from Serbian writers and i doubt that you have translations of them, so, soon, if i am going to read anything on english will let you know ;)

  3. Oh goodie....I can chime in (as of about a week ago!!) YOU know, I am not a big fiction reader....but right now, I am really into "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers. When I finish it (should be in the next day or two), I will be coming back here to jot down some of your suggestions. =) You are definitely my source on "good reads"!!!

  4. I finished "Future Men" by Douglas Wilson and loved it. A lot to think/pray about. I've heard that a lack of Biblical worldview leads one to adopt the culture's worldview; this book lead me to examine some of my views regarding boys/men. And now I am almost done with "Stepping Heavenward" by Mrs. E. Prentiss. I love, love, love it. It has inspired me in so many ways. I love that the main character's pursuit of Godliness is something I can relate to even though there are so many years seperating us (late 1800's). "Watching" her stumble and learn from her mistakes and grow, grow, grow, has been such an encouragement as I stumble and pray that I would learn and grow!
    I love good books! Now, if only I could read faster!

  5. I read several of Charles Martin's books this summer. The Dead Don't Dance was by far my favorite.I thought I read somewhere they were going to make that into a tv movie?

    Right now I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Picture Perfect. I've liked several of hers; especially My Sister's Keeper. Also this summer several of Anna Quindlen's. Probably my favorite from the last couple years is Angela Hunt- especially The Awakening. Pass on more that you've enjoyed! I need some more authors to check out!

  6. One more I loved... The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. But NOT her other book, The Mermaid Chair. HORRIBLE!

  7. Joni,
    Yes... I've peeked in at Lisa Samson's blog a few times! I like that girl! :)

    You are probably right about the Serbian authors! :)

    Redeeming Love is definitely a favorite! :) I'm so glad you liked it.

    I'm reading that one right now, too. And I'll have to check Stepping Heavenward again out from the library. It is SO nice you are leaving so many comments, Ame... but really. STOP.

    You're a woman after my own heart. I just finished Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I like her writing, too. And Anna Quindlen as well. Angela Hunt, another favorite! :)

    Thank you, ladies!

  8. Thanks for these recommendations.
    I always am looking out for good fiction, as I am very picky. These look great.

  9. Hi Stacy;

    Don't have a book to share at present, but stop by...I gave you a Reflections Award ;-)

    I love you
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  10. Oooo - I haven't read Lisa Samson's newest yet, but I really loved "The Church Ladies". These selections are going on my wishlist for the library!

    I really adore the Thoene A.D. Chronicles - actually, they trace back through dozens of books - the Zion Covenant and the Zion Chronicles, as well as The Jerusalem Chronicles. Love. Read them yearly, I do.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  11. I love Dee Henderson, I think the O'Malley series is my favorite. Have you been to A Peek at my Bookshelf? She has lots of reviews and her birthday is Sunday so please leave a comment!



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