Sweet dreams

One of my favorite things in the world is slipping into the kids' rooms at night to peek in at our sweet, sleeping children. Here's what I discovered in one bed two nights in a row:

(Mark tells me he keeps a stash of baseball caps in bed with him now and selects a new one each night!)

Oh, and yes... that is a black eye. Poor little fella tumbled a week ago and it still looks like that!


  1. Supre cute pictures poor llittle guy tha tblack eye looks bad, Char

  2. That is so funny that he sleeps with a baseball cap on! Did Mark do that? It seems like something he would have done as a boy too.

  3. I almost didn't notice the baseball hat at all....the pediatician in me "zoomed right in" on the eye...a little gasp even...

    CUTE pics!!! I love it!

  4. I giggled out loud when I saw these pic's. This has been seen at my house too. Black eye and ball cap & hugging the sheets.


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