The toe

Today is Mark's day off. Last week he didn't have a day off, so we were all excited to get to be with daddy today. We kicked the morning off by letting him sleep in, then woke him up when we were all itching for breakfast. Mark got up and headed out for a surprise. He came back with a box of donuts, which we all devoured at the kitchen table. Shortly afterwards I was downstairs, putting in some laundry, and thinking ahead to the rest of the day stretched ahead of us.

Such plans! At noon I was going out for lunch with a dear friend. During the kids' naps/quiet times, Mark and I would hang out, most likely playing this. Later in the afternoon I got to go have my break, which I had big plans for since last week was such a long week. Then we were all going to go for a walk together, and later tonight we were doing an outreach with our church.

I ran upstairs from putting the load of laundry in, rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, and ran straight into a chair. Or, I should say, my TOE ran straight into a chair. A very hard chair. I'm entirely sure it's broken.

It's now nearly 6:00. Our day has been a little different than planned. Namely, I've been Feel free to also read into that sentence: Stacy is trying not to be a total crab about the toe event and is failing quite miserably.

That's all. Time to get this pesky toe elevated.


  1. I wondered what that loud "yelp" was ....I heard it all the way here in Indiana!! Sorry about your toe...sorry about your is it that such little body part can hurt sooooooooo badly!?!?!

    Praying for a quick "toe-recovery"!

  2. michelle,
    i considered it; the picture idea. but i couldn't quite fathom anyone enjoying seeing a picture of my toe, let alone a very puffy purple one. so, nah.
    :) and it wasn't a yelp you heard. it was a VERY.LOUD.SCREAM. a yelp i would have done if i had merely stubbed it. this is so very much worse.

  3. Ouch! I broke my pinky toe once. It is amazing how something so small can bring you to your knees.

    Hoping for a fast toe recovery.

  4. OUCH! I always wonder when I hit my toe if it's broken, but it's never been swollen, purple, and in need of constant elevation. ;)

    Anyway, I could SO relate to your feelings about being a crab when you miss out on your special time. It seems to come so rarely, we really look forward to it, and if we're not careful, we can actually idolize it, and that breeds resentment when the kids get sick or something like that. Oh, wait! We're not talking about me, are we?! Surely you don't have those kinds of feelings too? ;)

  5. Ow, that hurts. The toe is so sensitive!
    I hope it gets better soon!

  6. I am so sorry. It is really a bummer that you are hobbling around. I felt so bad today everytime I saw you move. It just goes to show how much you usually do!

  7. I've done it. Hated it. Limped around for weeks. I am so sorry!
    I pray for a quick recovery for you, sweet mama!

    My hubby and I love to play that game too! We also really enjoy "Carcassonne" - it's a great two person game (can be played with more), but we can have good conversation over it as we sip a glass of sparkling apple cider and listen to soundtrack music. So fun.

    Maybe being a convalescent will include some game time with Mark??? :)

  8. ouch. hope you heal up soon. found your blog through I believe it was Jewels blog(eyes of wonder) anyhow.."howdy" am enjoying reading a few of your entries.


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