My birthday

Tuesday was my birthday, and I am now 32 years old.

I thought about posting a list like I did last year, and I still might do that but I haven't quite made the list yet. As I reach another year of life, I can say with certainty that I know and love God more today than I did one year ago. And is there really anything else that matters?

I spent my birthday at home with the kids, playing in the yard, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and running a few errands. Much like most every other day! A few people called to say happy birthday, and then at 3:30 Amy showed up at my door with three of her kids to deliver her gift to me. Which was a gift card to one of my favorite stores (and if you have long legs and have not yet discovered it, you will be incredibly pleased with their selection of TALL sizes). *And* the gift came complete with the offer to watch my children while I go shopping. Which is a gift in itself.

When Mark got off work, he picked up Thai food for dinner, whereupon I ate Chicken Pad Thai and drank a Thai iced tea. Mmm.

About an hour after that our yard was full of family and friends- the kids playing in the yard and the adults mingling and snacking on Pico de gallo and chips.

Mark had made two ice cream pies, (and he even smashed up Snickers' bars in one of them, proving that he knows me well). The kids were served chocolate ice cream cones.

I was blessed with soaps, kitchen towels, and gift cards-- one to Starbucks, and a couple of Target cards. My mom had scrapbooked a little book for me complete with photos and words from my parents about how much they love me. Inside the pages were tucked a gift certificate to a quilting store here in town and another clothing store gift card. On another page was an invitation to this performance with my mom and my sister.

When we headed inside for the night, the final guests having just left, it was nearly 10:00. Mark and the kids then did their gifts for me. Mark bought me some kitchen stuff and a new wallet. Inside the wallet he'd hidden some money for me to buy myself some clothes (um... do we see a theme, here?) I love to shop, so I'm perfectly happy, mind you.

The kids then handed me their gifts.

From Ella, a new necklace:

From Isaac, some toys for my baths:

And from Isaias:

Don't ask. I'm just not even sure.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day and I feel incredibly blessed.


  1. Happy Birthday!You are loved! I chuckled at Isaias' gift. Hmmm. What do you think the'll smell like as they burn? Chocolate eggs?

  2. Happy Birthday! What great gifts from your family and what a sweet friend you have in Amy. I love what you said about knowing God better, there is nothing more important!

    I will be 32 next month.

  3. How darlin' are you with those braids? And how happy do you look in that cute picture, sweet friend? Blessings on your birthday. I myself have been 29 for around 8 years now. ;) Love You!

  4. I am so thankful God made you those 32 years ago!

  5. Happy Birthday! I turn 32 this month too! Sounds like it was a special day- here's to many years!

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Stacy. You look just like a girl with those adorable braids. What a love-filled day you had!!

  7. Happy Birthday Stacy! (a little late) Just so you know, I "oooooooo-ed" out loud at your fun gift to the Sound of Music. I'm so jealous - I've wanted to go every summer and just haven't gotten around to it. And, chuckled out loud at Isaias' gift and your comment about it. Fun.

  8. Happy Birthday Friend!

  9. Wow, what a blessed day you had! Happy Birthday, Stacy! My daughter turned one on July 2. We've had a good time celebrating her life!
    Love, Christy

  10. Happy Birthday....sounds like a wonderful day. Obviously much loved!

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!! It sounds like you had a lovely day. Love the gifts from your kids - how sweet.
    Thanks for your comment about AGCI on my blog. I have been thinking about you a lot. I'm sure I will be emailing you with some questions in the future :) The Guatemala program looks wonderful. I love seeing all of the work that they have done. And they seem to care so much. It is really nice.
    Have great day,

  12. Sorry my birthday greeting is late :) but still i wish you the best. I am glad you spent that day with all people you love and you enjoyed it :)

  13. sigh....32 was my favorite year. I think it's the perfect age, really. Before the sagging starts in earnest.


    Happy Bday!!

    I did not know you were in Washington, my dear. You are closer to me than I thought. :)

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday! It sounds like a PERFECT birthday! Wish I could have joined you for some ice cream pie and pico de gallo and pad thai! (Do YOU see a theme here?!) And of course then I'd want to go to Sound of Music with you and shop for some new clothes, too. ;) I think it would be the perfect birthday for ME! Hope you felt loved and special!!

  15. Oh, one look at those gifts and anyone can see plainly that you are loved! :)
    Happy birthday, sweet friend.

  16. Uh, tonia?
    The sagging has already started at 32...
    anyway, happy birthday stacy! I will be 32 this month, too.
    andrea@flourishing mother

  17. Also, I can see a glimpse of your backyard here. Amy tells me it's beautiful. Can we see more of it? um...ok...I'm really just trying to steal ideas. ;-)

  18. Thank you, all of you-- for your very kind birthday wishes! :)

    It was a lovely day.

    Tonia- Well I knew you were in Oregon somewhere... so, yes... we are close! And just so you know, if Ann V. ever comes your way for a visit, can I just intrude on your time for even one wee hour so that I can visit with you two dear women? Please? :)

    Cutzi- Oh, Amy is too kind. Or maybe she loves me so much she just averts her eyes from all that isn't beautiful. Because that's usually what I see. So hmm. Can you see more of it? Maybe. If I can angle the camera just right so that you don't see the piles by the back of the fence that are waiting to go... (um...Mark, just where ARE those gonna go?) :)


  19. Stacy;

    Happy 32! (your such a baby!) Love the pigtails and the details of your day.
    You are definitely loved!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  20. Andrea,

    I said the sagging begins *in earnest*! *grin* One day you wake up and it's "whose body is THAT?"


    Will you only meet with me if I bring Ann? *bats eyelashes* I'd better get her out here then!

    I'm in NW Oregon...not too far from Portland.

  21. Tonia,
    Oh no! I didn't mean that! I'd love to meet both of you! :) And it's far more likely that I'll be in NW Oregon at some point than in Ann's neck of the woods. :)

    BTW, I am NOT looking forward to the sagging in earnest. Dear me.



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