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I found Kathy Harrison's last book so gripping, I am now reading another, called One Small Boat: The Story of a Little Girl, Lost Then Found

Mind if I share?

[From the prologue]
I can rattle off the bare statistics. Every day more than seven hundred children come into foster care in this country because of suspected abuse or neglect. One-third of those children will never go home to their original families again. One-third who do go home will be back in care again before they reach adulthood. There are more than 550,000 children in the child welfare system in this country. The number is astounding, so large that most people can't comprehend it. Its enormity excuses our tendancy to forget that these are not numbers but real little people.

It is staggering, those statistics. Seven hundred a day? And it's so true; we forget that those are not simply statistics, but behind the statistics are children, created by God and loved by Him. Harrison does an excellent job of putting a face to those statistics, telling the stories of children who have come into her home and what she offers them. Sometimes what she offers is simply a safe home, a clean bed, and a nourishing meal. And yet, that is more than most of them are accustomed to.

One thing that strikes me as I read this book and as I read her last book: there is no mention of Jesus Christ. It's one of the things that is most difficult for me as I read these books. And it is where my responsibility weighs heaviest upon me. I can do those things: a safe home, a clean bed, a nourishing meal. But I can offer even more. So much more. I can offer Jesus. What an opportunity to guide these young broken children to the One who *is* Healer, Comforter, Deliverer, Savior and Friend.

I believe with certainty that some of these children in the foster care system don't have a fighting chance unless they find Jesus. It is He who has the ability to transform their lives. To heal their hurts. To make them whole again.

Mark and I are in the process right now of adopting a child or sibling group from the foster care system. Adoption. That is what I want for these children. And that is what I want for us; for our family. Permanency. Even this foster-to-adopt process was a leap for us, because there is a risk involved. And there are so many what-if's. And there are birth families to consider and relate with. And the state. And, and, and. And yet, God led us here. And now God is tugging at my heart with these statistics, and with the children hiding behind them. If we as Christians are not taking these children into our homes, it begs the question: who is? If we are not reaching out to them with *the* message of hope, who will? And when?

Thoughts to ponder and pray over, for sure.


  1. Hi. I saw your comment on A Mother's Musings and I am nosey so I wanted to check out your site! I am glad I did! We are going throught the whole debate on whether to do foster care. We do want to adopt and it seems like a good way to go. I just feel like the state is a pain to deal with on so many levels. We are in NY. I just love my kids so much (3 boys) and would love to give a child a home who doesn't have one! Thanks for this post. It was helpful.

  2. Wow... staggering stats! We have run into problems having kids biologically which ahs us talking about adoption. We would go through the public system here.....all the children have been removed for some reason or another many related to drug and alcohol abuse. I have a dear friend who has adopted two children through the system here in Canada. Thanks for your post...this has been something on my heart lately.

  3. I absolutely love your heart for this, Stacy and Mark. I know you are placing so much trust in God to just deliver into your family the child(ren) that He has already planned for you. It is awesome to see how He is really molding your heart right now!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this- and bless you as you wait, and pray!

  5. I am praying.
    For your family as you wait AND DEAL WITH THE STATE! Arg.
    And for the sweet one's the Lord has for you.
    And as always for your future family.

  6. In my heart of hearts, I believe we will foster one day. It is my dream. And reading those statistics just reinforced it. And your words- I can give them JESUS- echos my heart exactly. Off to cry a little now.

  7. My dear friend-oh how this post moves my heart. As you know I have 4 children that came through adoptive foster adopted.

    My prayer is that God would step into this situation in the U.S. and move the heart of his people to take over the roll the gov't has established with foster care. If we as the Body of Christ would take care of the orphans (really most of these kids have no "active" parents) there would be no need for the "system." I am praying that changes would happen, that God would move the church (His people) to have eyes that see and hearts that take action.

    My children were worth every minute that we stood in the gap for them, in being involved with the foster care system. It wasn't easy-but God's hand guided us and protected us every step of the way.

    be blessed and trust him to walk you on this path that he has chosen for you and Mark.

    I am praying for you my dear friend! Take courage!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. My heart is with you 100% on this, Stacy.

    Interesting article here:

    ~IF the Lord goes before you, you will have the favor and wisdom you need. Sometimes working with the state is not as bad as you fear it will be. Sometimes it's horrible. *smile* But God will be with you.

    Bless you!

  9. Kevin and I have been discussing this topic for a few years already!! Even before we started the process to Rachel. I am definitely going to try and find the book you have mentioned.


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