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*2006 post*

Are you familiar with those bags of Chex Mix snacks? You know, the ones with the chex cereals and the bagel chips and all that yummy seasoning? And all the different flavors they come up with? They've got the Traditional flavor but then they also have Honey Nut and Peanut Butter and Caramel Crunch? Here. These:

Mmmm. I like those. I personally prefer the salty ones but I realize some of you may be prone to the sweet varieties. There's only one part of those party mixes that I don't like. The pretzels. I appreciate all the other stuff, but the pretzels I can do without. My children eat around them, too. My husband will eat the pretzels but only because he wants a snack and all the 'good stuff' is already gone.

Recently I was munching away and ended up staring at the remaining pretzels in the bowl. I tried to convince my brother-in-law to eat them, and he ate a few, and then I had this great idea so yanked the bowl away from him to rescue the pretzels. The next day we made these projects:

Now scroll back up and look at that Chex Mix bag pictured above. See the other type of pretzel offered? We didn't have those last time! Next time we're making houses. With windows.

*I realize some of you may not eat Chex Mix, or may even like the pretzels that are in these. But you can still get crafty. There are always cheerios. Or buttons. Or pennies. Or little pieces of paper cut out in the right shapes. And you can skip the cars and make trains! (What child wouldn't think that would be fun?)

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  1. Sep. 22, 2006 - Great idea, but....
    Posted by Michelle
    Great idea, but what I really want to know is.......IS THAT PLANE IN THE PICTURE FLYING TO INDIANA????? =)


    Sep. 22, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by jengresak
    ROFL!!! I will bravely admit that I like those pretzals : )

    Just for you, I'm taking the music off my blog. Let me know if that makes a difference!


    Sep. 22, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Rebeca
    Keep the craft ideas coming- I'm sooooo bad about doing crafts with my kids. It's weird because I love doing crafts myself. I think the problem is that I'm close to being a perfectionist when it comes to my own craftiness, and I'm also pretty practical. I don't like to make things that I know will need to be thrown away in a week's time. But, I need to get over it, because my kids will probably need therapy to get over the fact that their crafty Mama rarely did crafts with them. They love that stuff, and I need to learn to love it too. So thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Rebeca (who isn't really worried about the therapy thing)
    (And I responded to your question about quilting.)


    Sep. 22, 2006 - Very Cute
    Posted by Melkhi
    I don't like pretzels either and this looks like a better use for them!


    Sep. 26, 2006 - Hi there!
    Posted by dawilli
    Your post made me chuckle a little bit as I read about you all avoiding the pretzels... I love the pretzels! I think they are my favorite part of Chex mix! And my kids too! It's funny to me sometimes how people can be soooo very different! Here I was thinking, who doesn't like pretzels?!
    But yes, there are always cheerios, or my kids like playing with pipe cleaners or twist ties, or even gluing down bits of yarn... it's been a while since we've put wheels on cars and trains, maybe we're due for a transportation art project...
    Well, if our families ever mingle we can enjoy a big bowl of snack mix together, we'll eat the pretzels you guys leave behind!
    Have a good one,
    enjoy them today,


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