Making Christmas cards

*2006 post*

Once a year I let myself "splurge" at the stamp store. I go in for the sole purpose of purchasing a stamp (or two) to make Christmas cards with. Then I head to the paper store and get the paper and envelopes I need.

I really like making our Christmas cards, and it's a tradition I plan to keep. Making cards is something I used to do it a lot, but it's rare that I ever have the time anymore. I look forward to this time a year when I get to be creative and make cards.

When I get to our stamp store, I first walk around and look. There are many cards made and hanging up above the stamp displays, so I look for elements I like in those cards. I glean ideas, and try to get my own "vision" for what kind of card to make. Once I have a rough idea, I search for a stamp to use within the framework of that idea.

This year I decided that I wanted our children to help me make our Christmas cards. When I headed to the store, I was looking for something that would:

a) be appealing to them, and
b) be something they will be able to help me with

This is what I came home with:

I usually experiment a bit with the stamp(s), papers and colors in an effort to determine what I like best (or, what is easiest to mass-produce!) I generally make up a few cards and then ask my husband to choose the one he likes best.

Well, this year I thought I might open up the voting... to YOU! Tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of the five options I've come up with and let you vote on which one you like best. (Does this sound fun to anyone but me?) The card that gets the most votes is the one I'll make in bulk and send out for our Christmas cards this year.

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  1. Sep. 25, 2006 - Crafty girl!!
    Posted by Michelle
    Can't wait to see the options!


    Sep. 25, 2006 - Crafty girl!!
    Posted by Michelle
    Can't wait to see the options!


    Sep. 25, 2006 - ooops!
    Posted by Michelle
    I guess I am REALLY excited to see them...I hit the send button twice! =)


    Sep. 25, 2006 - Sounds like fun!
    Posted by Anonymous
    I am looking forward to seeing the choices!



    Sep. 25, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by kjfairch
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I am so *not* crafty... sigh, I wish I was...
    The craftiest I get are scrapbooks and no-sew blankets- so, actually, not crafty at all. :)


    Sep. 25, 2006 - I always LOVE your cards!
    Posted by Amy
    What you really should do after we have all voted is give us a price and let us buy them from you. I would pay you and your kids to make cards for sure! And baby announcement cards... oh my, what a good idea!


    Sep. 25, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by CTdittmar
    You are braver than I to attempt stamping with preschoolers. All I can think of is the stamp pad being stolen by my two year old and finding rectangular inkprints on the living room floor.
    Go for it, though! It sounds really cute.
    I'll vote at least, and who knows, maybe you'll inspire me to resist buying pre-made this year....


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