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*2006 post*

As my daughter gets older, it is increasingly difficult for me to find modest clothes for her. It can be a frustrating event to go shopping, as often what I see on the racks is not what I want to clothe my daughter in.

This summer I was looking for some pajamas for her at Target and found instead what looked like linger*e for 4-year olds! My options were abundant if I was shopping for silk, satin, lace, and see-through pajamas, but for the life of me I could not find any normal cotton pajamas. I was appalled.

Then there are the t-shirts with phrases emblazoned across the chest that are inappropriate for any age.

I know I'm not the only one. I stumbled across Everyday Mommy's site today, and this is what she's doing about it:


In an effort to raise our collective voices, I've created the Moms for Modesty Mission Statement. If you agree with the Statement, please "sign it" by leaving your affirmation in the comments of this post.

Many retailers, marketing and PR firms review mommy blogs for trends and opinions. If we speak as one we may be able to effect change.


Head on over to her website and read the Moms for Modesty Mission Statement. If you agree with the mission statement, "sign" your name by adding a comment.

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  1. Sep. 5, 2006 - Untitled Comment
    Posted by Anonymous
    You might like: they sell shirts and camis, etc to wear under clothing to make it more modest.


    Sep. 5, 2006 - Yep, I agree!
    Posted by Pomaleedon
    And this is another reason why we should refine our sewing skills! Then we can begin altering patterns or designing our own modest clothes...


    Sep. 6, 2006 - I hear ya!
    Posted by dawilli
    One of my planned projects for this week is sewing nightgowns! Simple cotton calico nightgowns for my precious little girls who are nowhere near ready for satin and lace!

    Have a good one,


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