Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've finished sewing Ella's dress.

When I got to one of the final steps- (attaching the bodice to the skirt), I asked mom to come over to help me to make sure I did it right (I'd already done it wrong once and had to rip it all out). When she was over, she asked what the seam allowance was. My response: "Seam allowance?!"

Despite the fact that I did not know what a seam allowance was, nor did I use the proper one, the dress turned out just fine and Ella has actually worn it! :)


  1. That's your first? Very nicely done. I have only made my girl a t-shirt dress. This inspires me to make her one for spring... oh that sounds nice!


  2. You did a great job, seam allowance and all! My Dad used to think it was great fun to always ask us if we were sewing "on the bias". I'm quite sure he had no idea what it meant and I think that was the point! All those sewing terms can be a bit confusing.

  3. Great job, Stacy! Can Ella come to Indiana to wear it to church with us???? =)

  4. And it is *so* precious! Good work, mama!

  5. What a cute dress! I’m sure Ella was super excited to wear it!!

  6. Very cute! I wish I could make something this cute! I am very eager to learn to sew clothing! You've given me some inspiration!

  7. The dress is beautiful! I love the colors. I'm impressed that you undertook a sewing project on your own. I want someone to show me how and walk me through the whole process several times before I fly solo. The words on a pattern and the pictures do not say the same thing to my brain!

    I'm dual blogging between blogger and HSB since the HSB update. I haven't ditched my HSB blog...yet. I just linked to you in my blogger sidebar as well.

  8. Stacy, the dress looks great. I'm impressed that you put lace around the bottom. Seam allowance means how far you sewed into the pattern. I'm trying to teach Erica how to sew. We have been working on pajama pants for a friend. Great job!!!

    Dona (Michelle's babysitter)


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