The quiet hour... update!

For those of you who haven't read all the comments from my quiet hour post, you really ought to read them. There were wonderful, practical ideas given by many!

At our house, quiet time has been....


Really. My son LOVES his quiet times. I've made it pretty simple, and this is what is working for us. Right now. (I do realize these things may change, again, in a matter of months!)

After storytime, I ask Ella and Isaac to gather some things they'd like to do on their quiet time, and then I supplement whatever they've gathered with ideas of my own. So far, we've done a combination of the following:

Lincoln logs
Lauri ABC puzzles
beads to string
hot wheels

Isaac goes into his room; and Ella is in a room adjacent to him. Then I set the timer for 90 minutes. I went for an "ideal time" the first day, and when I heard the timer beeping, right outside his door, I went to tell Isaac he could get up. He said he wanted to finish his puzzles first. Um. Okay! It's been like that everyday.

It has really helped Ella that Isaac is having quiet times now, too. I told her the first day that Isaac had never had a quiet time before so she needed to show him how it was done; and be a good model to him. That worked like a charm for my responsible girl. She's been a gem.

And I am getting some much-needed rest and quiet time with the Lord.


  1. ok, ok,, when is the quiet hour so I know when to call...ummmm, i mean, NOT call!! =)

    love you! glad it is going well!

  2. That is great! I think these are great ideas. I'm going to go read your comments now.

  3. Three cheers for quiet time- glad you get abit of rest during the busy day. big hugs;


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