Coming up in November...

Are you aware that November is National Adoption Month? It's a month set aside each year to raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care.

That~ and really more the fact that all things adoption and foster-care-related are very near and dear to my heart (and: more importantly, to GOD's heart)~ I am going to be spending the entire month of November talking about those topics here on the blog. Hooray! :)

I don't know yet all that will entail, but here are two things I can tell you: I've interviewed a foster mom who is very dear to me, and I can't wait to introduce her to you and share their family's foster-care experiences with you. And: my own Mark has promised me a guest post on the topic of adoption.

Most of you know that we have adopted internationally, done foster care, and adopted domestically. I know that doesn't make me an expert on any of it (far from it!) but what I do have to offer is this: I am an open book. :) Also, this: one of the great things about being a foster/adoptive parent is that you get to be part of a whole community of other foster and/or adoptive parents. If I can't offer any personal experience on a topic, I can easily find someone who will.

So. Here is where you come in:

If there are any questions you have about adoption or foster care~ whether it be about our experiences, yours, or the whole idea in general, please comment on this post, and I will make sure to get to it sometime within the next month.



  1. Exciting! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts =)

  2. This will be so much fun! A subject near and dear to my heart too!

  3. Hi! I am looking forward to this month's blog posts. I am interested in how you decided as a couple to have foster children and adopt. Was it your idea, did you have to twist your husbands arm :) Also, what kind of experiences you had with your foster child's family and relatives. Any difficulties? In general I just would like to hear all kinds of stories...most of all, how you can see God guiding you through the processes.

  4. Stacy...great idea for your blog!

  5. Thanks, all!

    Thanks for your questions! I will answer them within the next month!

  6. We have 2 young biological children and are in the process of adopting a third child. One of my initial fears was that I wouldn't love the child I adopt as much as I love my biological children. As we have walked through the adoption process thus far, the Lord has really strengthened my faith in this area, which I am so grateful for. But I would love to hear your story of bonding with your children you adopted and how your love for them grew, and any other thoughts you would have on having both biological children and children who were adopted in your family. Almost all the people we know who have adopted don't have any biological children, so this is a bit of new territory for us. Thanks!

  7. Christy,
    How exciting that you're in the process right now!
    I will definitely post about bonding/attachment this month: it's a big one! I'll also talk about bio/adopted kids in one family. Thanks for your questions!

  8. I can't hardly wait to read your posts ...

    and I'll be working on that one; looking forward to it.

    - Mark

  9. SO excited to read your thoughts on adoption!! My husband and I have three little girls (6,4, and 1) and are praying about adoption/foster care in the near future. How did you go about starting the process? It seems so overwhelming to me!!


  10. Oh my dear blessed was I to see this...and I haven't even read further yet. We began our foster-adopt journey a few weeks ago...God orchestrated, God purposed, and God strengthened...looking so forward to reading more. Love you! Sandi


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