This is a great week

Today we celebrated Isaac's 7th birthday~ with balloons and gifts and for breakfast: Swedish pancakes with syrup and whipping cream, sausages and fruit smoothies. With pizza for lunch and meatloaf, sweet potatoes and applesauce for dinner. With a trip to the library and time to play in the back yard and lots of time to play on the living room rug with Legos. With birthday kisses from his little sisters and the Happy Birthday song sung all day long. With phone calls and emails from those far away. With hugs and smiles from loved ones gathered round our living room tonight to celebrate our boy. With lemon cake and lime sherbet or chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. We are so thankful.

Tomorrow is a regular school day.

But Thursday? Thursday is not regular at all. I get to drive to the airport to pick up one of my dearest friends and then we're going to stay at a hotel for TWO blessed nights and just talk and pray and laugh and sleep and eat.

I know.

I feel incredibly blessed. God is so good to give me (us!) this time, and Mark? Such an incredible husband to let me do it. [Michelle's husband, too! {Thank you, Chad... for letting her come!!!!}]

What's great about your week?


  1. Wow I am drooling from that menu! It sounds amazing - great food choices Isaac :)
    I love your blog though rarely comment (because I never know how to do it but am attempting it today) but am loving the new layout. This week should be great for us because our first (much much awaited) baby is due tomorrow so fingers crossed he/she doesn't make us wait too much longer! xx Verity - a keen UK reader and devoted fan of the Little House series (I too had my own mob cap at age 8 or 9!)

  2. Verity~

    Hooray! Your plans are WAY better than mine! :)
    I love it that you took the time to comment today. Thank you, and blessings to you as you deliver that sweet one. :) Do stop in and let me know who you end up with!

  3. 2 entire days!! WOW. Have a great time!! :)

    I love Isaac's birthday meal choices!!

  4. Sounds like a great day!! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!


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