Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom beautifully tells the story (through word and illustrations) of the way God spoke to Harriet Tubman, guiding her steps to freedom so that she could then turn around and lead others out of slavery.

We loved this book!

See if your library has it! (And if your library happens to be my library, we have it and I'll return it soon. :))

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  1. Oh, we LOVE this book... renewed it twice because Micah was so fascinated with this woman, he wanted to refer to it as he lined up his animals to lead them in escaping to freedom... :)

    Thanks for joining in, friend! xo

  2. We are studying the Civil War this year after Christmas. Adding this to my book list right now!

  3. Thank you for sharing-we'll see if our lib. has it.
    Do you have any recommendations for places you get good book ideas? We are using sonlight however we can always use more good books to read (or listen too on cd).
    I just noticed your cursive writing on your sidebar-very nice. :)

  4. Elise~
    That is so cute. (Micah's animals escaping to freedom! Love it!)

    Oh, it's a winner, Kristin!

    In this post (
    I shared some of the books I use to get book recommendations from. Also, Elise from A Path Made Straight (first commenter on this post; you can follow her link if you don't already read there. She has great Children's Book Monday posts!). Ann Voskamp (Holy Experience) also has good book recommendations.

    There's a start, at least!


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