Friday mornings

How I love Fridays! Every Friday, my mom comes and takes the two little girls for two (precious!) hours so that I can do uninterrupted school with the older three.

I really look forward to this time with Ella, Isaac and Isaias.

I can't believe how much quieter and calmer things are on those mornings, and how fewer the "just a minutes" are, and how relaxed I can be as a mama without having the two toddlers. I also love knowing that my little girls are having special time with grandma. This morning they worked on puzzles, played babies, danced, and ate snacks! (They always get snacks at grandmas!)

This has been a huge blessing to me this year.

* * *

We played a fun game this morning during math time, and it was a big hit. Here's how to play:

Roll a die, and fill in the number rolled in the left-hand box.
Roll again, and fill in the number in the right.
Then add (or subtract) those numbers (younger children can use counters) and fill in the solution.

Easy and fun!

(Personally, I'm hoping that this means some rousing family games of Yahtzee are right around the corner!)

The other day I was following links to other blogs and stumbled across Confessions of a Homeschooler. That's where I found this idea, and you can download the Dice Addition/Subtraction worksheets here, if it sounds like something your kids would like, too!

Happy Friday to you! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. How wonderful to have your mom nearby and so willing to help with the kids! Yay to Stacy's mom!! :)

  2. I am so glad you get this time! I can imagine all sorts of things that I would plan for a time like that. Super fun.

  3. That is such a neat idea!! My oldest is very into adding these days! I love when she comes up to me with her little journal she carries around and asks me for some "pluses" for her to do! She will love this idea!! And thank goodness for grandmas!! :)


  4. Dice is fun! That activity reminds me of Sum Swamp!

  5. that's a sweet thing for grandma to do. i'm sure your girls will have nice memories from their time with her.
    it is amazing to me, even though my kids are bit older, how having just one out of the house changes the dinamic of our home. And yes, makes it much quieter, which can be a welcome change on some days. :)
    thanks for sharing allthe great books you guys read.

  6. Oh, I am just basking with you in how wonderful that must be to have your mom take the girls on Fridays! And sign me up for the dice game! That looks perfect for us. I love the name of the blog "Confessions of a Homeschooler" I think it would be fun to add that into our know, once a week just let things all hang out for real...LOL

  7. That is SO nice. I would totally LOVE to have that time to teach my older kiddos.

  8. Thanks for that cool game idea. My oldest 2 are going to love it tomorrow!!


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